Bachelor of Science - Physics

The BSc Physics programme aims to provide students with a rigorous training in fundamental physics, and introduce them to various specialized physics-related topics such as financial engineering, soft matter and biophysics, medical physicsoptics, and materials science / solid-state physics, paving their ways to a diversified career path or further studies.

Students may take part in various enrichment opportunities such as the department-based research attachment scheme,  and internships in overseas research institutes or local industrial companies or public sector. They may also apply for admission to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University in USA, or the Undergraduate plus Taught Postraduate Degree Programme, if certain requirements are fulfilled.

Undergraduate Programmes


Enriching Experiences

Two Colleges, Two Degrees, Four Years

Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between CityU and Columbia University

The Joint Bachelor's Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University offers students an international undergraduate educational experience. The program draws upon elements both traditional and innovative, combining the academic rigor of two world-renowned universities with an attention to the roles that social and cultural traditions play in a student’s intellectual formation.

Second-year physics major students (normative 4-year degree) with outstanding academic performance may apply for this program.

Students admitted to the Joint Degree Program spend their third and fourth years at Columbia University in USA, and earn a Bachelor of Science degree from CityU and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University at the end of their study.

Our 1st Cohort of Graduates

integrated Learning Experience

Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme (BSc Physics + MSc Applied Physics)

Being part of the CityU Talents Programme,  the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme (BSc Physics + MSc Applied Physics) aims to nurture elite students through integrated learning. The Programme is open to new students starting from the 2021 entry and existing normative 4-year degree students of the 2020 entry. 

Eligible entrants are given an offer into the UGC-funded Bachelor of Science in Physics programme, plus a conditional offer for the self-financing Master of Science in Applied Physics programme. 

Upon successfully completing the course requirements, students would receive two separate degrees, i.e. a Bachelor of Science in Physics degree and a Master of Science in Applied Physics degree.

UG plus TPg Degree Programme

Enrich Your Experience through Exchange Studies

Student Exchange Programme

Students are encouraged to undertake exchange studies at the partner institutions of CityU to enrich their learning experience and broaden their global exposures. Upon completion of the relevant courses at the Host University, students participating in all levels of exchange programmes can apply for transferring their earned credits to their CityU academic programmes.

Student Exchange Programme

Promote Leadership

Student Chapter

The PHY Student Chapter aims at recruiting passionate students to co-host the Department’s learning support network and the branding promotion initiatives, while developing leadership, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

Student Chapter

Do you know we also offer Minor?

Our Minor

Students admitted to bachelor’s degrees who (i) have a home major and (ii) have not been granted any extra credit units above the maximum credit limit permitted by the University are eligible to apply for declaring a minor during the specified application periods. 

We also offer courses for Visiting Students!

Visiting Students

Applicants who do not wish to pursue a full programme of study at the University but are interested in taking courses on a short-term basis (less than one academic year) may apply for admission as a visiting student to attend selected course(s) and take the assessment as decided by the course offering unit. Visiting students will be admitted only if the relevant course offering unit is satisfied with their academic ability and if there are places available in the lecture groups for the course(s) concerned.

Looking for teaching resources?


STEP UP is an important initiative at American Physical Society. It is a national community of high school physics teachers, researchers, and professional societiesBy providing research-driven lesson plans, STEP UP empowers high school physics teachers to create cultural change and inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

Please click the below video link to learn more about STEP UP and the impact it has had on high school students and physics teachers.