December 2005

by Mrs. W. K. Yu

What is it? The joint ERP Development Centre Project is funded by the UGC under the Restructuring and Collaboration Fund. It is a joint project of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIED) and Lingnan University (LU). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or simply ...

May 2005

by Shiona Mackenzie

Dr Jerry Yu, CIO, introduced CityU's strategic e-Learning project at an open forum on 5 May, with a straightforward account of the project's objective and its significance to the University community.

March 2005

by Louisa Tang

The University offers its students a range of facilities and services to provide a better learning environment and to support whole person development. The provisions of such facilities and services vary according to the student categories. As the university continues to develop, there are more and ...