by Eric Shai

Online survey tools have been widely used in recent years. Many academics and students in the university are using survey tools to create questionnaires for research and education purposes. Recently, more administrative offices use survey tools for administrative activities, such as creation of ...

by Jacky Tsui, Roger Wong

​What is ERIC? Executive Research Information System for CityU (ERIC) ​is the new research project management solution of the University and it was rolled out in early February 2019. It not only replaced the old system – Integrated Research Information System (IRIS), which has been serving the CityU ...

by P Y Fung (FMO), Joseph Ng (ESU)

campus ground level carpark of YEUNG
As part of an initiative to build a smart campus, the Carpark Management System at the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Complex (BOC), Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (YEUNG) and Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (LAU) have been upgraded with the video analytics technology. The new Carpark Management System ...

by Michael Gibb

CityU Scholars was launched on 30 June to promote the achievements of faculty members, facilitate reporting information to the government, enhance the efficiency of internal reporting, and eliminate duplication.

by CityU Scholars Project Team

CityU Scholars
Background Research is one of the key output of a research-based institution like CityU. It is playing not only an important role in raising the ranking and branding of the institution but also as a way to attract talented students and researchers to join the big family. Showcasing our excellent ...

by Christina Wu

A number of strategic measures have been prepared at CityU for the double cohort of first-year students beginning their undergraduate studies this semester.

by W K Yu

stock photo
The seven nominated programmes piloting the 4-year degree curriculum in 2010/11 are on board; so is DegreeWorks, also for these programmes. After eight months of preparation and hard work from The Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO), the Enterprise Solutions Office (ESU) and the Computing ...

by Louisa Tang

Patch Management
The University is heavily relying on the Central IT systems to keep and manage student, staff and alumni information. A crisis or a disaster that destroys or severely cripples the Central IT systems for a prolonged period will have great impact on the normal business operation of the University ...

by Louisa Tang

In the past, IT policies and regulations were developed in a relatively piece-meal manner, and established as and when the need arose. The Committee on Information Services and Technology, at its meeting in December 2006, agreed to formulate a comprehensive and structured set of regulations on IT ...

by Shuyee Chen

Dr Ellen Ko, CityU’s Acting Vice-President(Administration), led a delegation of 16 executives from 11 administrative departments to visit higher education institutions and university towns in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on 15-16 June.