End of Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Lower Versions on Windows 7

by by Tony Chan
As announced by Microsoft, only the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE) will be supported from 12 January 2016. The older versions of IE will no longer be supported meaning that there will be no more security update for these browser versions thereafter, and any computer running them will become vulnerable to potential hacking activities. The newest version of Internet Explorer for the supported Windows operating systems is listed in the following table:
Windows Operating Systems
Internet Explorer Version Supported
Windows 7 SP1
Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.1
Internet Explorer 11
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11
As most of the personal computers on Staff LANs are currently running Windows 7 with IE9, users are recommended to protect their machines by upgrading their IE browsers to the latest version – Internet Explorer 11 before 12 January 2016. Users can check the version of their IE browsers by clicking “About Internet Explorer” on the “Help” Menu of the IE browser.
If the software/application that you are using is not compatible with IE11, please try to use the backward compatibility mode by pressing the <F12> function key. If the result is not desirable, you may need to contact the software vendor or application developer to obtain an updated version of the software/application that is compatible with IE11.
Users can also visit the following websites for more information: