An Update on MS Exchange Implementation

by Joseph Leung

The Sun Java System Messaging Server (JSMS) has been used as the staff email server for many years. It can no longer satisfy today’s communication needs for advanced features such as calendar and appointment scheduling, cooperate phone book, task and reminders, anywhere anytime access via web browsers and mobile devices.

Migration of staff email service from JSMS to Microsoft Exchange 2007 (Exchange) using Outlook 2010 as the email client was started in early 2011. So far 23 departments with around 1300 email accounts have been successfully migrated to Exchange. With the recent upgrade of Exchange to the latest version, Exchange 2010, the existing Exchange users were upgraded seamlessly and we aim to complete the migration of the remaining JSMS users for all departments to Exchange within this year.

The migration process involves setting up email redirection from the old JSMS mailbox to the new Exchange mailbox so that email sent to the old mailbox will be received in the new one. Needed emails and folders in the old mailbox are copied to the new mailbox. User’s local folders in Outlook for Calendars, Contacts and Tasks are also transferred to Exchange which are well accommodated by the default 1GB mailbox quota.

We have continuously received feedbacks from users mostly complementing on the unified messaging interface and mobility that have greatly enhanced their office productivities. Many users appreciate the new intuitive features, such as search folders, multi-client language, and calendar sharing. The Exchange ActiveSync for mobile device facilitates working offline even when Internet connection is not available. User data is seamlessly and timely synchronized amongst the Exchange server, office and home computers, as well as smart phones and tablets achieving the unified, anywhere and anytime user experience. The self-service mailbox management tool enables the setting up of mailbox rules, mail filters, out-of-office automatic reply, etc. With the new email service in place, it will sure ascend efficiency in the workplace.