Changes in the Student Terminal Area

by Joe Lee

New developments and replacements


Special height-adjustable tables for wheelchair users

To remove the barrier of study, height-adjustable computer tables specially designed for wheelchair users have been installed in the CSC Teaching Studios (except Room P and Room Q). All students can use these tables but wheelchair users will be given priority.

Data projectors

Old projectors in the Teaching Studios have been replaced by new ones to improve reliability and brightness.

OMR scanners

The old Opscan 8/50 Optical Mark Reader has been replaced by a new Sekonic SR-3500 machine. In addition, another Sekonic SR-1800 machine has also been acquired as a back-up to provide the scanning service in parallel. These machines support all our existing standard forms. Reservation of these machines can be made through the online CSC Teaching Studio Booking System. Simply login e-Portal, select Univ. Services (Staff) and find CSC Teaching Studio Booking under FACILITIES BOOKING.

Binding machines

As per students’ requests, two new binding machines have been acquired and placed in the Printing & Plotting Room for students to bind their printouts.


Software upgraded

Microsoft Office 2010 has replaced its predecessor under Windows 7; various plugins have been updated; security patches for Microsoft and other applications have been performed; and software applications provided by academic departments have been installed.


Small printers

As most students have printed to the large fast printers since their release, the printing demand is shifted from the old small printers which have been used for a number of years to these new fast printers. Most small printers have been removed from the Teaching Studios. Only two small printers will be kept inside each room to support teaching needs in classes. Although students are expected to print to large printers, the remaining small printers in Teaching Studios and the Printing & Plotting Room can also be used to print slides as well as special paper for their learning needs when the rooms are not used for classes.