Voice over WLAN

by S K Tsui

Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) is the technology integrating Voice over IP (VoIP, the technology used in the IP Phone system) and WLAN technology, enabling the Computing Services Centre (CSC) to enhance the current phone service to include wifi phones in mobile communication support.

The wifi phones provide similar functions and messaging applications to that available on the desktop IP phones. However, their easy deployment and availability provide the University users with the following benefits:

1. Fast and easy deployment for ad-hoc functions, events, etc.
Offer great benefits to staff who need mobility such as supporting staff who work among different locations inside the campus.
Flexible re-deployment of shared phones and eliminate the costs associated with rewiring phone lines.


The key point of making the VoWLAN system, or any other services riding on WLAN, successful is that the wifi coverage must include all the buildings and outdoor areas inside the campus. In view of this, CityU has executed an extensive RF site survey in the past 2 years to analyze the wifi coverage. Based on the results, the CSC is going to install an additional of more than 1000 Access Points this year to enhance the coverage for all WLAN services, in particular, the wifi voice communication. Cabling work is in progress and enhancement is expected to be completed before the coming Christmas.