Maintenance Arrangement for Desktop and Notebook PCs

by Noel Laam

After a lengthy tendering exercise, the annual maintenance service contract for Dell desktops (Warranty Extension Scheme, WES) and the Per Call Service Scheme for all desktops are finally awarded to IBM and ServiceOne respectively. The subscription arrangement and the service scope of the two Schemes are described below:

I. Desktop PCs

  1. About half of the 4,500 Dell PCs on campus are still under Dell's 3-year warranty until 30 June 2004. On-site Dell engineers will continue to provide maintenance service, and departments can simply raise an online CSC Work Request or call the CSC Help Desk as before for it.
  2. For those Dell machines whose warranties have expired or will expire by 30 June 2004 and which have joined the WES, on-site IBM engineers will provide maintenance service and departments can raise an online CSC Work Request or call the CSC Help Desk for it. In view of the substantial reduction in the subscription cost for WES, the CSC will cover it for 2003/2004 and will try to continue to absorb it in future if the budget allows. Please note that the maintenance of monitors is not covered in the WES.
  3. Since the WES covers only the Dell PCs, machines of all other brands whose warranties have expired or those Dell machines not subscribed to the WES have to be maintained using per call service. The contract of per call service is awarded to ServiceOne Ltd. (maintenance service provider), and departments may call its service hotline at 3151 7933 ext. 2 for service when needed. Its service will be charged on time and material basis (please refer to Section III), and as departments have to pay it directly, you are advised to check with ServiceOne first before confirming your request.

The WES will be renewed annually on 1 August each year. However, if there are some machines that have not joined the WES by the renewal date and your department later changes its mind, they can still join it half a year later on 1 February of the following year.

II. Notebook PCs

The maintenance arrangements for notebook PCs are as follows:
  1. IBM Notebooks

Machines can be brought to the on-campus IBM ThinkPad Services Centre for repairs. Machines without valid warranty will be charged at a discount rate.

  1. Dell Notebooks

    Departments may raise an online CSC Work Request or call the CSC Help Desk and the CSC staff will contact the Dell Service Centre to arrange maintenance service. Machines without valid warranty will be charged at standard rate.
  2. Other Notebooks

    Departments will need to contact the service centres of the respective vendors themselves.

Departments can raise PR to cover the notebook repair charge. If the amount is not more than HK$5,000, departments can consider settling it by petty cash.

III. ServiceOne Per Call Service Scheme (For Desktop PC only):

  Service Hotline: 3151 7933 ext 2    
  Scope of service: Trouble-shoot hardware and software  
    Replace faulty hardware parts  
    Reinstall OS and MS office  
  Per Call Service Fee: Per Job (excluding hardware) HK$
    Office hour 200
    Non-office hour 300
    Off Campus  
    Office hour 315
    Non-office hour 465

Campus is defined as the location of Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.

    The prices do NOT include any hardware.
  Office Hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00
    Sat 09:00 - 13:00
  Payment Terms: Payment against invoice

We hope the above arrangements can accommodate the maintenance needs of your computers. Should you have any query, CSC Help Desk (ext. 7658) will be glad to help you.