Support for Microsoft Outlook Express Email Client

by Henry Wong

Eudora has been the standard and officially supported email client software at the City University since its installation in 1997. Owing to the fact that it is user-friendly, Eudora is welcomed by the majority of staff on campus. However, as technology advances, more and more problems have arisen from its lack of multi-language support, especially its inability in handling Chinese. In view of this, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has decided to extend its standard support to Outlook Express as an alternative email client on campus with a view to phasing out Eudora gradually in the future.

As a member of the Microsoft family, Outlook Express can fully use the multi-language capability provided by Microsoft Windows. Besides, since it is integrated with Internet Explorer (IE), it is ready for your use in any PC with Windows installed. To help users in the migration, starting from 1 July 2003, the CSC will provide support for both Eudora and Outlook Express. You are invited to set up Outlook Express to access your email and explore the features of the software, and then switch to Outlook Express when you feel comfortable. To begin with, here are some of the advantages of using Outlook Express:

  • Part of Windows components
  • Fully support multi-language, especially Asian languages, in both viewing and composing email
  • Fully support HTML format in both viewing and composing email
  • Block sender feature for anti-spamming
  • Save outgoing mail copies on IMAP mail server, thus can be accessed from another computer

However, there are functions which are NOT available in Outlook Express when compared to Eudora:

  • Redirect an email
  • Resend an email with "Send Again" function
  • Set a "default domain" for automatically adding to unqualified addresses (i.e. recipient address in Outlook Express must be entered in full)
  • Delete the copy of selected message(s) from POP3 mail server. Outlook Express can delete the email copies on the POP3 server only based on the setting of "Leave a copy of messages on server".
  • Run multiple instances of program concurrently.
    • Only ONE Outlook Express can be executed at one time.
    • Multiple accounts must be handled within a single Outlook Express session, and incoming email come from all POP3 mail accounts will be placed into the same Inbox
    • Problem may be solved by creating multiple identifiers. But users need to switch between Identifiers to access different POP mail accounts.

The following is a quick reference on the function comparison between Eudora and Outlook Express:




Outlook Express

System Mailboxes




Sent Items


Deleted Items

No such mailbox. Drafted messages are stored in Out mailbox with "sendable" status


Basic Features

Check Mail


New Message

Create Mail



Reply, Reply All

Reply, Reply All




No such feature

Send Again

No such feature

Transfer to folder

Move to folder

Pressing Shift key when doing transfer

Copy to folder

Change status

Mark as ...

Empty Trash

Empty "Deleted Items" folder

Viewing HTML mail with Microsoft viewer (IE) support

Fully support in displaying HTML mail

Limited support in composing HTML mail (with Style text)

Fully support in composing HTML mail

No such feature. Problems occur in viewing and composing non-English email

Changing Encoding when viewing and composing email message

Setting "default domain"

No such feature. i.e. Recipient address must be entered in full

Labels (to classify messages up to seven categories)

No such feature. (It has the 'Flag message' function which can be used to classify messages in two categories only, flagged or non-flagged.)

Advances Features


Create nested folder/mailbox (only the bottom-level mailbox can store messages)

Create nested folder (every folder can store messages no matter it has sub-folder or not)





Message filter

Message rules

No such feature. The alternative is to set up appropriate message filter

Block sender list

Create Group (mailing list)

Create Group (mailing list)

Hiding recipient addresses with "Full name" filled in

No such feature. The alternative is to put the recipient group in the Bcc: field

Create multiple Personalities

Create multiple Mail Accounts

Run multiple instances of Eudora concurrently

Only ONE Outlook Express can be run at one time

No such feature

Set up and switch Identifies

No such feature. Outgoing mail copies can only be saved in local Out mailbox 

Save copy of drafted and outgoing mail on IMAP mail server

Delete selected message(s) from POP3 mail server

No such feature

If you would like to know the suggested procedure for switching your email client software from Eudora to Outlook Express or the security concerns in using Outlook Express, please look up our FAQ Web page for more detailed information.

Should you have any query or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact the CSC Help Desk at 2788 7658.