Integrating Information Technology for the 5/F Classrooms

by Joe Chow

Easy access to modern information technology is essential to the pursuit and achievement of the mission of CityU for excellence in teaching, research, and service outreach. The readily accessible computing systems as well as internal and external data networks in the classrooms is certainly one step forward towards that direction.

However, to integrate information technology into our 150 teaching classrooms on campus is not an easy task. Fortunately, with experience learnt from the installation of computers and audio/visual systems in lecture theatres and classrooms on the 4th floor as well as invaluable feedback from users, the 5/F could be the home of many best designed and equipped classrooms on campus.

The latest upgrade exercise which was started at the beginning of last summer focuses on integrating information technology in smaller classrooms on the 5th floor. The first phase covered 33 classrooms in the yellow zone. The upgrade included changes in the interior design of the classrooms as well as installation of new audio/visual equipment and new computers.



Each classroom is equipped with a lectern that houses a computer and front panel. The front panel of the lectern consists of the following:

  • VGA input for external computer
  • Control for the projector
  • RCA connectors for external audio/visual equipment.

An UTP network port is also mounted on the wall near the lectern. The port will be enabled with prior application to the CSC.



The upgrade is nowhere near the end. In the coming months, massive improvement will be carried out for classrooms in other zones on the 5th floor.