High Performance Computer Further Strengthened for Research Use

by Joe Lee

The High Performance Computer, SUN Enterprise 10000 Server, has recently been upgraded with the addition of 24 CPUs and 12 GB memory giving a full swing of 64 CPUs, 26 GB memory and 27 Gflops computation.  Normally the entire machine will be configured as a single domain for the sole use of CityU researchers.  However, as half of it was sponsored by SUN Microsystems for setting up the Enterprise Competence Centre (ECC), when there is scheduled ECC activities, up to 50% of its resources may be reserved by ECC users, and hence the capacity of the machine for our users will be correspondingly reduced during those time slots booked.  Therefore, you are encouraged to take ample advantage of the super-computer class machine and use it for your research.

You are also welcome to recommend any software/applications that are required for your research to be installed on the High-performance Computer.  For the existing software list, account application procedures and other relevant information, please refer to the URL:


Should you have any query, please contact the CSC Help Desk at ext. 7658.