Display Calling Phone Number When Using CityLink Plus

by Rita Lam

With the widespread use of the Internet and the growing number of Internet users, it has become more important than ever to improve the security measures in the use of the Internet so as to protect the users and service providers. In view of this, the Information Services Advisory Committee of the CityU has resolved that users of the CityLink Plus need to display their phone numbers when using the dial-up facility. In fact the majority of users have already had their phone numbers shown when they were using the CityLink Plus facility. To enable the display function of the calling phone number, simply add a release code, ‘1357’, in front of the CityU dial-up numbers (2470 4400, 2470 4401, or 2470 4402) to de-activate blocking on a per call basis.

As of 1 May 2000, all login requests to the CityLink Plus will be rejected if the calling phone number fails to display. Furthermore, you may get an error message — “The computer you’re dialing into cannot establish a dial-up networking connection. Check your password, and then try again”.

Should there be queries, please contact our CSC Help Desk at 2788 7658 or write to us at cc@plink.cityu.edu.hk. May we count on your support to maintain a secure and healthy network environment.

More information on the display of Caller’s number can be found at