Multiple Choice Scanning D.I.Y.

by Joe Lee

The Computing Services Centre (CSC) has long been providing free electronic marking of multiple-choice type examination scripts and data capturing of survey forms ever since the optical mark scanning machines were installed in the University. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive marking and scoring system to help staff implement various marking schemes and provide users with item analysis reports for analysing performance of students. The system as a whole is well received thus far. However, as a result of continuous budget cut in recent years, we simply do not have sufficient manpower to process the scripts or forms as before. Users now have two choices: do that themselves or pay for the scanning service at the standard charging rate.

In order to help users get familiar with the operations of the system, all previous users were invited to attend a Small Talk on 7 January 2000. New users were also informed of the event through network messages. Totally, over 30 staff members attended the Small Talk and they found the information useful. Similar training events will be scheduled in the future to help new users.

Although free scanning and marking service will be ceased, appropriate assistance will be given in different forms. Apart from posting a single sheet of operational procedure near the system for quick reference, a detailed user guide has been prepared for sophisticated users. Furthermore, users can obtain technical assistance when they encounter difficulties.

If you need further information on the above, please contact the CSC Help Desk at ext. 7658.