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Sramek Insight Limited

Sramek Insight focuses on the development of non-invasive cardiovascular measurement with our patented home-use medical device, Cardiax. Cardiax is a wearable smart cardiovascular analyser, which delivers continuous hemodynamic data. Based on the real-time data, customised wellness and medical advice can be provided.

Cardiax comprises a data router and an inflatable blood pressure watch, which is multi-functional: Using a tonometry method, pressure sensors are pressed directly against the skin to measure the pressure pulse wave and to calculate the wearer’s blood pressure.

To reduce the instability of the mobile phone to the wireless sensor and increase the transmission speed, the data router is also the watch charger. It uploads and transmits the customer's heart function and hemodynamic information to the intelligent medical cloud for in-depth analysis and diagnosis.

Certified by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), CE (EU declaration of conformity) and TUV Rheinland, and endowed with TEBCO (Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output), Cardiax delivers personalised heart health insights to help users get customised medical recommendations.



Mr Toney Lam Kin-ming (Graduate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Dr Vellaisamy Arul Lenus Roy (Associate Professor, Dept. of Material Science and Engineering, CityU)

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  1. CityU HK Tech 300 Angel Fund (2021)