Happy 30th birthday, CityU!

The celebrations marking the 30th anniversary since City University of Hong Kong (CityU) achieved university status began at a ceremony on 11 January.

(From left) Dr Eugene Chan Kin-keung, Professor Herman Hu Shao-ming, Mr Charles Chin Ying-on, Mr Lester Garson Huang, Dr Chung Shui-ming, Ms Lilian Chiang Sui-fook, President Freddy Boey, Dr Harry Banga and Professor Chan Chi-hou officiated at the ceremony.

The occasion also marked the establishment of a farsighted initiative called the CityU Academy of Innovation (CAI), which will maintain our prominent position in global leadership, innovation in education, and talent development. This special moment was celebrated by about 400 guests, including Council and Court members, alumni and supporters from the HK Tech 300 community.

Officiating at the ceremony were Dr Chung Shui-ming, Pro-Chancellor, Mr Lester Garson Huang, Chairman of the Council, Ms Lilian Chiang Sui-fook, Deputy Council Chairman, Mr Charles Chin Ying-on, Treasurer for the Council, Dr Eugene Chan Kin-keung, Chairman of Council’s Community Relations Committee, Professor Freddy Boey, President, Professor Herman Hu Shao-ming and Dr Harry Banga, Honorary Advisors for 30th Anniversary Celebration, and Professor Chan Chi-hou, Vice-President (Community Engagement) and Chairperson of 30th Anniversary Organising Committee. Additionally, Dr Yeung Kin-man will serve as Honorary Advisor for 30th Anniversary Celebration for the year-long festivities.

Mr Lester Garson Huang, Chairman of the Council of CityU.

Mr Huang spoke passionately about CityU's remarkable achievements and future development in his welcoming speech at the 11 January event.

“Over the past 30 years, CityU has taken remarkable strides in its journey. Our unwavering dedication to academic excellence and groundbreaking, innovative research has garnered international acclaim,” he said.

Looking to the future, Mr Huang encouraged the CityU community to strive for excellence and positively impact society and the world.

Professor Freddy Boey, President of CityU.

President Boey said that the 30th-anniversary milestone reflected the growth, progress and innovation that have shaped our remarkable journey.

CityU remained steadfast in its commitment to fostering inspirational, interactive and innovative education, he said, adding that universities served as powerhouses for cultivating talent, advancing knowledge, and driving innovation, which is crucial for societal and economic development.

The theme of the 30th anniversary celebrations, Innovating into the Future, encapsulates CityU's commitment to nurturing a robust and scholarly institution that empowers young talent through innovation. It emphasises our dedication to pioneering research and innovative solutions that address pressing global challenges, contributing significantly to Hong Kong, the Mainland and the world.

A series of exciting activities during the 30th anniversary celebrations will highlight CityU’s accomplishments, exceptional students, world-class research, and extensive local and international networks. These activities include international research conferences, the completion and opening of new buildings, engagement with the local community, student performances, and the alumni homecoming day.

(From left) Professor Yue Chee Yoon, Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Michael Yang Mengsu, Senior Vice-President (Innovation and Enterprise), President Freddy Boey, Mr Lester Garson Huang, Professor Lee Chun-sing, Provost and Deputy President and Professor Michael Tse Chi-Kong, Associate Vice-President (Innovation) and Director of CAI celebrated the establishment of CAI with honourable guests.

The establishment of CAI marks the beginning of a year-long celebration that will showcase CityU's unwavering dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship. Building on the success of the HK Tech 300 programme, which has received overwhelming support from the CityU community and society as a whole, and has empowered thousands of students and faculty members to translate innovative ideas and research achievements into practical applications through the establishment of tech start-ups, CAI serves as a testament to CityU's commitment to developing a leading ecosystem that nurtures young entrepreneurs, incubates deep-tech start-ups, and promotes university-industry collaboration in Hong Kong and beyond.

CAI’s comprehensive range of innovative academic programmes will initially include the PhD by Innovation, Master of Science in Venture Creation, Graduate Research and Innovation Trek Programme (GRIT), and Overseas Start-up Technology Entrepreneur Programme (STEP).  

CAI’s PhD and MSc programmes strongly emphasise the creation of deep-tech ventures. Graduates of these programmes can start their own businesses with the support of the HK Tech 300 Seed Fund. GRIT also empowers researchers and postgraduate students to transform their research into thriving deep-tech ventures through hands-on experience and practical knowledge with investment from the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund.

STEP will provide selected undergraduate students with internship opportunities at major start-up locations worldwide. They will gain valuable hands-on experience in diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe.

CAI Academy Advisors, Adjunct and Visiting Professors were appointed at the ceremony.
CAI Academy Advisors, Adjunct and Visiting Professors were appointed at the ceremony.