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Outbound Student Exchange


Pre-departure Briefing

Attend the Pre-departure Briefing Session organised by GEO:

- For students who are departing in Semester B 2023-24, please find the presentation slides of the session here.

Passport and Visa

  1. If you do not have a passport (or a Home Visit Permit for travelling to Mainland China), please apply for one if needed.

  2. If you have a passport, please ensure it will be valid for at least six months after the end of your journey.

  3. Find out if you need a visa and apply for the necessary documents you will need.

Study Plan

  1. Confirm your study plan with your home academic unit and the host institution:
    College of Business Check College
    College of Engineering Check Department
    College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Check  Department
    College of Science Check College
    Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences Check  College
    School of Creative Media Check  School
    School of Data Science Check  School
    School of Energy and Environment Check  School
    School of Law Check  School
  2. Make sure you have enough course load / credit load to maintain a full time student status at the host institution.


  1. Decide how you will travel and purchase the relevant tickets.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the customs and layout of the city you wish to travel.

  3. Submit your arrival information to the host instituion, if needed.

  4. Plan your route from the airport or train station to your host institution.


  1. Pay (or arrange someone to pay on your behalf) your CityU tuition fee while you are abroad.

  2. Prepare sufficient fund for your living for the entire exchange period.

  3. Take with you some cash and a credit card.


  1. Your passport, with the valid visa attached (if needed), in your hand-carried luggage.

  2. Your air/train tickets.

  3. Acceptance letter issued by the host institution.

  4. A copy of your insurance policy.

  5. Any medication prescribed by your doctor (preferably with a letter from the doctor).

  6. Some cash for your initial expenses.

  7. Necessary clothing for the climate that you will be travelling to.

  8. A list of contact numbers such as numbers of the host instituion, the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate General, and your insurance company.


  1. Ensure you are fit and healthy to travel!

  2. Make accommodation arrangements.

  3. Subscribe to travel and medical insurance.

  4. Leave your insurance policy with your family and bring a copy with you during your exchange.

  5. Download the International SOS assistance app.

  6. Bring an electrical adaptor should you require one.

  7. Check the orientation schedule of the host institution.

  8. Study the SDS Travelling Guide: