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For Inbound Exchange Students

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Can I take up part-time jobs or internships during my exchange study in Hong Kong?

Exchange students who need to apply for a student visa to study in Hong Kong shall not take any kind of employment, whether paid or unpaid during their exchange studies in Hong Kong.

Please refer to the Guidance Notes of ID995A on the Hong Kong Immigration Department's website for more details: click here.

What are the minimum and maximum number of credits to be taken for each semester?

12-18 credit units per semester. Exchange students must take full-time credit-unit load, i.e. at least 12 credits per semester in order to meet the visa requirements set by the Hong Kong SAR Immigration.

A credit unit is earned by approximately forty to fifty hours of student work.

Are students allowed to take cross-faculty modules?

Yes, subject to approval by the course-offering department.

Nonetheless, students will be required to take at least 50% of the credits from the same department students are accepted into at CityUHK.

Is on-campus accommodation available for exchange students?

Exchange students may apply for accommodation at Student Residence but it is NOT guaranteed due to limited spaces. Allocation of accommodation will be made by a random ballot. Students should file their accommodation application before the deadline. Please visit here for more information.

Are exchange students required to purchase insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory for exchange students to have insurance.

Students must purchase insurance for themselves before they come to Hong Kong. The insurance should include, but not limited to, medical and travel insurance that will cover the entire period of their study in Hong Kong. If exchange students wish to have additional insurance coverage, they may enrol in the insurance plan for non-local students at CityUHK. For more information, please see here.

Are exchange students required to obtain a student visa?

Non-local students MUST apply for student visas (or entry permits for students from Mainland China) in advance unless they have the right of abode or right to land in the Hong Kong SAR. Some foreign passport holders might be granted visa-free entry to Hong Kong as visitors. However, such a ‘visitor’ status does NOT serve the purpose of studying in Hong Kong. As per Hong Kong Immigration’s directive, CityUHK cannot accept a student for enrolment if he/she cannot present a valid student visa. Please visit here for more information.

Are there any buddy programmes for exchange students?

Internatonal Friends Club (IFC) will help inbound exchange students get acquainted with life at CityUHK and in Hong Kong. Further information on buddy pairing will be sent to new students before the semester begins.

Are exchange students required to know Chinese/Cantonese before they apply to CityUHK's Student Exchange Programmes?

The medium of instruction and assessment at CityUHK is English unless specified otherwise. Students are not requied to know Chinese/Cantonese to apply for our Student Exchange Programmes.

Can exchange students join student societies at CityUHK?

There are over 80 student groups and societies at CityUHK offering students with various activities. Exchange students are welcome to join the student groups to enrich their exchange experience. For more information, please visit here.

Can I stay behind after I finish my exchange study at CityUHK?

All non-local students are bound by the limit of stay stated in their student visa. Staying beyond the allowed period in Hong Kong will be considered as breaching the immigration regulations. Please check your student visa and exit Hong Kong before the date stated in your student visa. Some foreign passport holders may enter Hong Kong as a tourist on visa-free basis. If you would need to stay in Hong Kong for a longer time, you may exit Hong Kong before your student visa expires and re-enter as a tourist. Please check the websites of the Hong Kong Immigration Department or the ministry of foreign affairs of your home country to confirm the visa requirement.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

You can send us an email at or call (+852) 3442 8089. Our officer will get back to you as soon as possible.