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Q1: What is AIMS?
A1: AIMS stands for Administrative Information Management System at CityU. It is a suite of university information systems allowing students, staff and alumni access to a variety of essential academic support and administrative services. All AIMS functions are web-based and primarily developed for self-service purposes.
Q2: How to search functions on AIMS?
A2: You can use the site map in AIMS or use the "Find a Page" function. Both are located at the top-left corner.
Q3: I have problem to log in AIMS. What shall I do?
A3: For error message "Sorry, we cannot verify your electronic ID and password. Please try again or contact CSC help desk", you probably have entered incorrect EID/password. You should try to login again using the correct EID/password. If it fails again, you can reset password on the web by visiting the forgot password pages (Staff, Student, Alumni).

For error message "You should use EID to login AIMS". You probably have entered your Student ID instead of your EID. You should try to login again using the correct EID.
Q4: I have problem to connect to AIMS after logging in e-Portal. What shall I do?
A4: Probably the web browser that you are using bars the connection to CityU domains. To solve it, you may need to configure your web browser to enable the connection. For details, please click here.
Q5: I have questions about the information shown under AIMS functions. Whom shall I contact?
A5: Click on the 'Help' button at the top right hand corner. It lists the general contacts for matters relating to staff/students/alumni.

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