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Video-on-Demand (CityVoD)

for Staff

The CityVoD is a video-on-demand service, which allows users to select and view video from a collection of archives over the network.  Videos of lectures, conferences, forums, seminars, demonstrations and course materials etc. can be encoded and stored on the media server, allowing multiple user access at users' own pace from any locations and any devices.  The video collection is organised by cateogiries and by departments for easy browsing.  Users can also search for the video clips they want with keywords.

The CityVoD uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology to allow videos to be watched without waiting for the video be fully downloaded.  As soon as the user clicks the “Play” button or even skip ahead to any points of the video, it will start playing momentarily.  The CityVoD also supports adaptive bitrate streaming, which means that the system will automatically detect the Internet connection quality and capabilities of your device for appropriate video resolution and quality.

Support and Contact

Departments may submit an online CSC Work Requestfor uploading video clips to the video servers, but the video clips must be with proper license and for academic use.  Video clips can either be placed under a public or protected directory, in which only CityU Staff and/or Students can view them.

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