Major Degree Programme

The Department of Chemistry offer one undergraduate major, BSc in Chemistry. This major focuses on the application of knowledge, enabling students to understand important scientific issues, current technologies and the future challenges facing Hong Kong, its immediate region and the world.

Why Study Here

Chemistry is closely related to our daily life, for example, food, cosmetics, medicine, energy and etc. Chemistry is the science describing matters and its reaction and transformations. Studying Chemistry at CityU will give students subject-specific knowledge and equip them with analytical, numerical, research, communication and problem-solving skills. All the knowledge and skills acquired can be applied in their future career in area of chemical science, education and technology, chemistry-related business and commodity markets or further study in research studies.


The Department has a strong team of academic staff who is dedicated to offering quality teaching and to nurturing our young generation. Besides, we strongly encourage students to widen their horizons by participating in learning enrichment programmes, for example, study tours, student exchange, local or overseas internships, departmental-based summer research scholarship scheme; field camps/visits and etc.


The major aims to provide students with a firm foundation in chemical sciences with a focus on analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. It is designed to train and produce graduates who are able to pursue a developing career in local and regional industrial, commercial, government, education, and research sectors.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Upon successful completion of this major, students should be able to:

  • Describe the general chemical principles appropriate to the study of chemistry.
  • Competently perform a wide range of laboratory and technical procedures in chemistry.
  • Critically evaluate experiments in chemistry as reported in the literature and synthesize information in a constructive manner.
  • Identify, analyze and reflect upon the responsibilities of chemists by applying chemical knowledge to society, commerce and the environment.

Programme Curriculum

Programme Information for Students admitted in 2023-24
(Catalogue Term: 2023-24)

Programme Information for Students admitted to the major in 2023-24
(Catalogue Term: 2023-24)

Programme Information for Students admitted to the major in 2022-23
(Catalogue Term: 2022-23)

Programme Information for Students admitted to the major in 2021-22
(Catalogue Term: 2021-22)


Options for you to choose:

Course List

 Course List

Student Handbooks

24-25 23-24 22-23 21-22
 2024-2025      2023-2024     2022-2023     2021-2022

Career Prospects

Upon graduation, students will find job opportunities in various sectors:

  • Consultancy & Non-Government Organizations
  • Quality Control & Product Safety
  • Testing, Inspection & Certification Service
  • Civil Service
  • Education
  • Business
  • Further Study

Award Classifications for Undergraduate Programmes

Degrees with Distinction are awarded based on the CGPA ranking for students in the respective departments/schools graduating in the same semester/term. Students who have fulfilled the stipulated graduation requirements and rank in:

  • the top 2% will receive a degree with summa cum laude (Highest Distinction)
  • the top 7% but not in the top 2% will receive a degree with magna cum laude (High Distinction)
  • the top 15% but not in the top 7% will received a degree with cum laude (Distinction)

BSc CHEM Information Leaflet

Consultation Hours Staff Consultation Hours for UG Students

Admission Arrangements

JUPAS HKDSE students will apply for admission to first-year studies in the Bachelor of Chemistry programme. During their first year, students will study a broad range of Gateway Education (GE), College and Department core courses.

Entrance Requirements

For admission to bachelor's degree programmes at the University, applicants must meet the General Entrance Requirements and the specific Department requirements. The levels/grades indicated below are the minimum acceptable but possession of the qualifications in no way guarantees acceptance.

English Language Level 3
Chinese Language Level 3
Mathematics Level 3
Citizenship and Social Development Attained
Two Elective Subjects (see note) Elective 1 Level 3 in Chemistry 
Elective 2 Level 3 


English Language Level 3
Chinese Language Level 3
Mathematics Level 2
Citizenship and Social Development Attained
Two Elective Subjects (see note) Elective 1 Level 3 in Chemistry
Elective 2 Level 3 in one elective subject from:
  • Biology
  • Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
  • Design and Applied Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Physics


  1. Besides Category A elective subjects, Mathematics extended modules (M1/M2) and "other languages" (at grade E or above) can also be used to meet the elective requirement. If students take both M1 and M2, they are counted as one subject only.
  2. Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects. 
  3. For details of the alternative Chinese Language qualifications acceptable by the University for Non-Chinese Specking (NCS) students, please click here.

Assessment of Applications

JUPAS Code & Title

BSc Chemistry

Admission Score (with weighting applied) for Main Consideration   No. of Subjects Best 5 subjects
Subject Weightings English Language 2
Chinese Language 1
Mathematics 1.5
Elective Subjects (including M1/M2) 2 for Chemistry
1 for other electives


  1. Unspecified elective subjects may include Mathematics extended modules (M1/M2) and "other languages" at grade E or above.
  2. If students take both M1 and M2, the two modules will be counted as one elective subject only.
  3. Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects.
  4. When there are more than two elective subjects, the two elective subjects with the highest weighted scores are counted.

Scoring Scale

Category A Core and Elective Subjects (including M1/M2)
Level 5** 5* 5 4 3 2 1
Score 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Category C Other Language Subjects
Grade A B C D E
Score 5 4 3 2 1

Other Considerations

For students with the same score, reference will be made to other information (e.g. results in discipline-related subjects, band, interview performance, other experiences and achievements in competitions / activities (OEA)).

JUPAS Admission Score Reference

The JUPAS Admission Score Reference can be found from here.

Flexible Admission Arrangement for JUPAS Applicant

In the academic year 2021/22, JUPAS applicants who have attained the “4+2” score specified by individual Colleges / Schools but whose result in only one core subject is one grade below the level required for programme admission may still have the opportunity to gain a place at CityU. Local students admitted under the 'flexible admission arrangement' may also receive an entrance scholarship if they meet the criteria of the scholarship award. Please find more details from here.


1202 BSc Chemistry (For Admission to First-Year Studies)

1523A BSc Chemistry (For Admission with Advanced Standing)

Admission Arrangements

Please find the admission arrangements from here.

Entrance Requirements for Direct/ Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements and have studied a subject related to Chemistry at a high school or post-secondary institution.

For senior-year (Advanced Standing II) admission, applicants are normally expected to have completed an Associate Degree / Higher Diploma with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of ≥3.0 or an equivalent overall mark, or a credit award.