Forensic Chemistry

The Forensic Chemistry stream is designed to provide students with solid foundation, in-depth knowledge and professional training in the area of forensic chemistry. It aims to produce graduates interested in pursuing a career in this specific field of applied chemistry.


To recognize students who have satisfactorily completed the courses as required in the Forensic Chemistry stream, the Departmental General Office will invite respective students for application after Semester B of the academic year for arrangement:

For students with Catalogue Term of Semester A, 2021/22 and thereafter:
The stream will be shown on students’ official transcript and testimonial.

For students with Catalogue Term before Semester A, 2021/22:
The Department of Chemistry will provide a written proof as an interim arrangement.


Electives (16 - 17 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
CHEM2003 Biochemistry B2 3 BMS2004 Biochemistry is an equivalent course offered to students from 2017/18.
CHEM2809 Science Versus Crime B2 3  
CHEM3084 Forensic Imaging B3 3  
CHEM4051 Forensic Chemistry B4 3  
Choose at least one out of the following two courses:
CHEM3017 Molecular Biology B3 4  
CHEM3081 Chemical Biology of DNA and RNA B3 3  
Choose one out of the following two courses:
CHEM3042 Directed Studies in Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Sciences B3/B4 4 Project in CHEM3042 shall be related to Forensic Chemistry.
CHEM4089 Techniques and Instrumentation for Chemical Biology
(subject to approval)
B4 4