Forensic Chemistry

The Forensic Chemistry stream is designed to provide students with solid foundation, in-depth knowledge and professional training in the area of forensic chemistry. It aims to produce graduates interested in pursuing a career in this specific field of applied chemistry.


Electives (16 - 17 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
CHEM2003 Biochemistry B2 3 BMS2004 Biochemistry is an equivalent course offered to students from 2017/18.
CHEM2809 Science Versus Crime B2 3  
CHEM3084 Forensic Imaging B3 3  
CHEM4051 Forensic Chemistry B4 3  
Choose at least one out of the following two courses:
CHEM3017 Molecular Biology B3 4  
CHEM3081 Chemical Biology of DNA and RNA B3 3  
Choose one out of the following two courses:
CHEM3042 Directed Studies in Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Sciences B3/B4 4 Project in CHEM3042 shall be related to Forensic Chemistry.
CHEM4089 Techniques and Instrumentation for Chemical Biology
(subject to approval)
B4 4