Comprehensive Chemistry

The Comprehensive Chemistry stream aims to provide students with a broad and balanced appreciation of key chemical concepts, a range of practical skills to work safely in the laboratory and the ability to apply standard methodology to the solution of problems in chemistry. It is designed to facilitate students who are determined to work for a degree that is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).


Core Courses (23-24 credit units)


Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
CHEM1300 Principles of General Chemistry B1 3  
CHEM4030 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry B4 4  
CHEM4031 Advanced Organic Chemistry B4 4  
CHEM4054 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Spectroscopy B4 3  
CHEM4036 Project B4 6 To be taken in Year 4*.
Choose at least one of the following two courses:
CHEM3042 Directed Studies in Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Sciences B3/B4 3 or 4 To be taken in Year 4*.
CHEM4037 Seminar Series B4 3 To be taken in Year 4*.

*These courses with independent investigative methodology are required to account for 25% of the final year workload.