The GREAT stream is designed for students who have a good and solid foundation in Chemistry. It aims to produce graduates interested in pursuing a career in scientific research or starting business ventures that involve the use of the new scientific discoveries and innovative technologies.


Core Courses (41 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
CHEM3014 Inorganic Chemistry B3 4  
CHEM3015 Organic Chemistry B3 4  
CHEM3016 Physical Chemistry B3 4  
CHEM3027 Analytical Chemistry B3 4  
CHEM4086 Independent Research I B4 8  
CHEM4087 Independent Research II B4 8  
CSCI4007 Patent Application and Technopreneurship B4 3  
MGT2324 Introduction to Entrepreneurship B2 3  
MGT4305 Developing and Presenting a Business Plan B4 3  


Electives (14 - 19 credit units)
Students can select any electives from the current major electives listed under Group A and B except CHEM4036 Project.