SDS-affiliated Student Societies and Clubs Registration

Affiliation of Student Societies and Clubs
SDS provides various support services to SDS-affiliated student societies and clubs, including activity subsidies, and venue and equipment bookings.  Student societies and clubs should complete the registration annually to activate the affiliation.  For the details and procedures, please see the instructions below.

Affiliation Criteria

  1. Student societies and clubs must show their uniqueness (i.e. their purposes do not overlap with any other SDS-affiliated Student Societies and Clubs list in CityU).
  2. Membership: All current CityU students are eligible full members. No outsiders will be allowed (SDS approval is required for accepting external parties to be affiliated members).
  3. At least 20 students must sign up as potential members. A society or club must maintain a membership with at least 20 students.
  4. Student Officers must be current CityU undergraduate students throughtout the entire term of  service.
  5. All registered student societies and clubs must comply with the 'SDS Regulations for SDS-affiliated Student Societies and Clubs'.
  6. Affiliated student societies and clubs are required to submit annual activity and financial reports within one month after the expiry of the term of registration.
  7. The term of registration starts from 1 January and ends at 31 December every year.

Application Steps
Registration of student group available all year round.

  1. Check the ’SDS-affiliated Student Societies and Clubs list’ to ensure the purpose or mission of your proposed group does not overlap with other existing groups.
  2. Read the ‘SDS Regulations for SDS-affiliated Student Societies and Clubs’ and Financial Regulation for SDS-Affiliated Student Societies and Clubs thoroughly.
  3. Submit the completed online registration form to SDS together with the required documents, including potential member list, proposed budget plan and annual plan (at least 3 proposed activities). 
  4. SDS will inform applicant of the final decision and the next step of running your group will be advised.


- Applications may take up to 10-15 working days for processing.
- Any incomplete or missing information in the application form/ budget form/ annual plan may lead to delay in processing.
- Student societies with membership specific to designated units (including academic units or student halls) are not eligible for SDS affiliation.
- Sports-related interest clubs can contact SDS PE Section (Sports for All) for more information.