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Program for Young Scholars from the Mainland

The Department of Media and Communication, in collaboration with the Center for Communication Research, initiated a Program for Young Scholars from the Mainland in 2004-05. The program aims to strengthen academic links with Chinese universities as well as to bring promising young scholars closer to the international landscape of communication research. Since its inception 153 scholars from major mainland universities have visited the Center for the duration of one month. In order to maintain the kindred spirit and intellectual influence of this invisible community, these scholars have decided to form an informal association called Duo Wen Ya Ji (多闻雅集) - a name taken from Confucius's Analects to mean "making friends with people of wide knowledge". Our first gathering was held in Shenzhen on August 18-21, 2006. Since then, the gathering has been held at different places during the subsequent summers. The gatherings took place in Lushan, Nanjing, Kunming, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Taipei and Dunhuang. This year’s gathering will be held in Inner Mongolia during 28 July to 1 August, 2014.


香港城市大学媒体与传播系与传播研究中心于2004-05年成立「中国大陆新闻传播青年学者到访」计划,至今已有著名院校153位学者应邀到访,每人驻校一个月。 此项目旨在促进与大陆高校新闻传播院系学术交流,以及协助大陆新闻传播研究与国际接轨,并已经在全国引起热烈的反响。 到访学者在香港访问期间与系内同事密切交流。为了长期保持友谊和发展学术活动,到访学者发起成立「多闻雅集」,一方面取《论语》「友多闻」的精神,一方面寓《兰亭序》中「群贤毕至」的雅意。「多闻学者」于2006年8月18日至21日期间,乘中国传播论坛年会之便,聚首于深圳和大梅沙,召开第一次「会外会」,首届「中华青年传播学者论坛」不仅谈学论艺,并无拘无束尽情嬉戏,唤回青春。其后,每年仲夏由各参与的院校,包括华中科技大学、武汉大学、南京大学、云南师范大学、厦门大学、香港城大、台北世新大学分别举办论坛。2013年的年会已于7月在兰州大学举行。会后,我们考察各地名胜,如庐山、皖南、黄山、大理、丽江、鼓浪屿、客家土楼与敦煌。2014年年会将于7月28日至8月1日在内蒙举行。