Application for Graduation

    Applicable to students admitted to Bachelor’s degrees under the 4-year degree structure. 


Students under the bachelor's degree structure may enroll in more than one major, one minor or opt to take more free electives provided that they have not yet reached the maximum credit limit or maximum period of study permitted. Therefore, it is your responsibility to notify the University of your intention to graduate.  The University will not process your graduation if you do not apply for graduation.  Omission in submitting the application in the semester you wish to graduate will cause delay in your graduation date.

You should have reviewed your academic record using the advising tools and services such as DegreeWorks available to you before applying for graduation.

Students who will graduate in more than one major or one minor will have to apply in a single application and will be awarded at the same time provided that all requirements have been completed.

You are advised to submit your application during the specified period in the semester/term that you will have all of your requirements completed (subject to passing all currently registered courses) and plan to graduate.

Upon announcement of course grades, the academic records of students who have applied for graduation will be evaluated, and those students who have met all the degree requirements will be awarded the degree. 

Please submit an application for graduation through AIMS no later than the deadlines specified in the Guidelines and Procedures.