Guidelines and Procedures

Important points to note:

  1. Students should have checked from DegreeWorks their eligibility to graduate with their current curriculum in this semester/term.
  2. Students must have earned a certain amount of credit units before they can apply for graduation.

    • For normative 4-year degree – a minimum of 90 credit units
    • For Advanced Standing I – a minimum of 60 credit units
    • For Advanced Standing II – a minimum of 33 credit units


How to Apply:

Students applying for graduation should submit an online application via AIMS.

To view a demonstration of the screens in AIMS for application for graduation, click HERE.

  1. Login "AIMS".
  2. Select "My Applications” under "Student Record".
  3. Select "Graduation".
  4. Read the “Application Guidelines and Procedures” before applying.
  5. Confirm the curriculum information.
  6. Verify the legal name and Chinese name.
  7. Submit the application.
  8. Follow-up with curriculum amendment and name updating if the information is incorrect.
  9. You will receive a confirmation email after successfully submitted the application.  If you do not receive the confirmation email in 2 days, please contact our office by phone: 3442 2300 or via email: within 1 week after you have submitted your application.
  10. After you have successfully applied for graduation, you can view your graduation curriculum information online by clicking 'Graduation' again in AIMS.
  11. To protect the own privacy; remember to exit from "AIMS" and logout from "Portal" before leaving the computer terminal.



Application Period:


 Graduation Date Application Period 
Academic Year 2019/20  
Students who intend to graduate at the end of Semester A 2019/2014 February 202010 September to 21 December 2019
Students who intend to graduate at the end of Semester B 2019/2015 July 202021 January to 16 May 2020     23 May 2020
Students who intend to graduate at the end of Summer Term 20205 October 202016 June to 18 July 2020

No late application will be accepted.  Omission in submitting the application will cause delay in graduation.



Students who have applied for graduation and have the curriculum requirements met in that semester/term will be considered by the College/School Examination Board for appropriate award classification.  They will receive a congratulation email when the College/School Examination Board's decisions are available.  No withdrawal of application for graduation is allowed and these students cannot register for further courses in subsequent semesters/terms.



Graduates of an academic year (Semester A, Semester B and Summer Term) will be invited to attend the annual Congregation which will be held in November/December of that specific year or January/February of the following year. Please visit the Congregation website for additional details closer to the ceremony.


Applied for Graduation but Cannot Fulfill All Graduation Requirements:

Students who have submitted an application but cannot graduate according to the academic curriculum that they confirmed during application for graduation in the expected graduation term are advised to contact their academic advisor for assistance.

Under such circumstance, a student may continue to study and defer graduation  to a future semester; and must submit another application via AIMS in the appropriate semester/term of graduation.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Section for various scenarios and answers.

In case a student would like to change his/her academic curriculum for graduation in the expected graduation term, provided the degree and home major requirements are met; he/she is required to submit an application for changing major/minor as well as applying for graduation as soon as possible but not later than the deadline specified below:

Deadline in 2020

1. 24 January 2020 for Semester A 2019/20
2. 24 June 2020 for Semester B 2019/20
3. 21 September 2020 for Summer Term 2020

Please download the application form and submit the completed form to ARRO before the deadline. No late application will be accepted due to time constraints.