Course Registration

Course Registration

Core courses identified by home academic units based on the curriculum requirements will be pre-registered for students before the start of every semester/term. They can then add/drop/waitlist courses found in the Master Class Schedule for the semester/term, change course sections during the specific registration time-ticket (period), via the Web Add/Drop platform or the electronic form (depending on whether the coures is web-enabled or is with registration restrictions) to modify their personal class schedule within the permitted study load and pace their study in consideration of the academic advice and their academic progress shown in the DegreeWorks.


The University reserves the right to de-register students from a course or course section(s) under certain circumstances.

After the add/drop deadline and before the end of teaching period of the semester/term, any request for add/drop of courses will only be approved by the Head of the course-offering academic unit under exceptional circumstances. For late drop request, if approved, an X grade will be assigned for the course which will be shown on the student's transcript.

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