Research and Practice in Professional Discourse

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This book offers a broad overview of research and practice in professional discourse. Major developments and future directions based on current strengths are highlighted. In view of the growing interest in investigating professional discourse as a multidisciplinary activity, this volume explores key issues in three areas: I ) Research Prospects, II ) Models and Practices, and III ) Contexts and Actions. Research and applications in these areas are diverse. They include communication skills, professional writing and rhetoric, socio-historicial development of genres, organizational discourse, socio-critical perspectives on the use of language in institutionalized and workplace contexts. Special areas of focus are: medicine and healthcare, legal practice, business communication, mass media, academic writing and research.

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Pub. Date
Dec 1, 2002
736 pages
152 x 229 mm
  • Introduction
  • Professional Discourse: Towards a Multidimensional Approach and Shared Practice
  • On Models in Applied Discourse Analysis
  • Rhetorical Research for Reflective Practice: A Multi-layered Narrative
  • Discourse Practitioners as a Community of Interprofessional Practice: Some Insights from Health Communication Research
  • Towards an Understanding of Workplace Discourse: A Pilot Study for Compiling a Spoken Chinese Corpus of Situated Discourse
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers: Reconciliation & Evaluation
  • Multinational Organisations: Europe in the Search of New Identities
  • Retrospect and Prospect
  • Drug Information for Laymen: Good or Bad Medicine?
  • A Triple Jeopardy: What Can Discourse Analysts Tell the Health Professionals?
  • Judgement as a Resource in Child Protection Practice
  • Enquiry into Inquiry: A Study of Chinese Medical Consultations Discourses of the Academy
  • Harmony of Theory and Practice: An Engineering Lesson for Applied Linguistics
  • Specifying "Purpose" in ESP: The Case of the Engineering Analytical Report
  • The Linguistic Contribution to the Analysis of Professional Discourse
  • Shifting Rhetorical Focus in Student and Professional Geography Writing
  • Legal Problem Questions: Analysing Rhetorical Strategies Using "IRAC"
  • Academic Discourses and their Discourses of Learning: Participants, Texts and Social Practices
  • Framing Creativity: Contradictory and Complementary Discourses within the Context of Educational Reform in Hong Kong
  • Literary Discourse and Learner Autonomy
  • Media Interviews: An Intersection of Multiple Social Practices
  • Discourse and Ideology: The Taiwan Issue in the Chinese and American Media
  • Hype about Hypertext
  • Taking an Interdisciplinary Approach in the Analysis of Multinational Business Discourse
  • Genre Change in the Historical Development of Sales Invitations