Construction Safety Law, Management, and Technology: Hong Kong Experience

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This book is aimed at students taking occupational safety and health courses at the universities, Construction Industry Council and Occupational Safety and Health Council. It will also serve as a reference book for registered safety officers, safety managers, insurance surveyors, project managers, site agents, safety engineers and occupational safety officers as well as those involved in promoting occupational safety in the construction industry and preventing accidents on construction worksites.
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Sep 23, 2022
436 pages
254 x 178 mm
The construction industry has been identified as one of the most dangerous industries in developing and developed economies, and the construction industry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is of no exception. It has for many years been responsible for the highest annual figures of both fatal and serious injury accidents. Such accident statistics are neither enviable nor acceptable.

This book on construction safety focuses on safety and health at building and civil engineering construction sites and deals with important topics under safety law, safety management, and safety technology. It is written for students taking occupational safety and health courses, for safety practitioners in the construction industry, and those concerned with promoting occupational safety and health on construction sites. The insights provided are the culmination of my 50 years as a health, safety, and environmental practitioner in both the government and private sectors of Hong Kong’s construction industry. It also contains some of the lecturing topics I have delivered at various universities and training institutes over the years. It is my hope that the facts, examples, and opinions I have provided in the following pages will benefit all those charged with managing safety and health on construction sites.

Part I An Introduction to Construction Safety

Chapter 1 The History of Construction Safety in Hong Kong

Chapter 2 Principles of Health, Safety, and Environment Management

Chapter 3 Applicable Construction Safety Laws in Hong Kong


Part II The Legal Stance on Construction Safety

Chapter 4 Overview of Construction Safety Enforcement and Repercussions

Chapter 5 Breaches of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, Chapter 59

Chapter 6 Breaches of the Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations

Chapter 7 Breaches of Construction-specific Factories and Industrial Undertakings Regulations

Part III Examples and Application in Hong Kong

Chapter 8 Tower Cranes

Chapter 9 Mobile Cranes

Chapter 10 Bamboo Scaffolding

Part IV Practitioner Assessment Tools

Chapter 11 Accident Economics

Chapter 12 Safety Auditing

Mr. LEE Hung-kwong(李鴻光)was educated at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom (B.Sc. Hon), the University of Hong Kong (M.Sc. Eng.), and Aston-in-Birmingham University in the United Kingdom (P-Cert). He served as a Factory Inspector  in the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Government; a Chief Health, Safety, and Environment Adviser for Shell Companies in North East Asia; and an Assessor for Lloyds Register. He is now the managing director of HKLee & Associates, Limited. Mr. Lee was the founding president of the Hong Kong Society of Registered Safety Officers, established in 1991. He is a part-time lecturer at the Construction Industry Council (formerly known as the Construction Industry Training Authority). He has lectured on work safety and health subjects since 1985 and is currently an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Real Estate and Construction at the University of Hong Kong.