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Study and earn a master degree in law studies at CityU Hong Kong

Take your law education further and study master degree courses at one of Hong Kong’s best law schools. Carefully curate the available programmes and select the best one for your chosen career path.

Furthering your law education

To become a lawyer, one most likely possesses a strong sense or desire of being of help to other people. The origins of the law career find its roots in ancient Greek and Roman history where an individual that was knowledgeable of the law would defend the person in question at court. To supplement to this desire to help, lawyers must make it a point to consciously and continuously improve themselves to be better capable of doing their job. To study and earn a master degree in law studies will enable the lawyers of today to be of better service to their clients.

Study at the prestigious CityU School of Law

The City University of Hong Kong seeks to produce law studies graduates that are not only globally competent but also of great benefit to the good of society. Furthermore, the university’s law school curriculums put great emphasis on the importance of learning about and understanding the laws and legal systems that govern the Mainland. This ensures that the graduates are prepared to take on legal duties associated with China.

The significance of studying in a top ranking law school

Attaining degrees in higher education, especially in a specialized discipline of learning is deemed a privilege. It is only appropriate to do right by this privilege by taking your master degree study plans up at one of the country’s high ranking law schools. The university works tirelessly to become known as the best law university in Asia. To successfully achieve this goal, they must produce law studies graduates that are globally competent. With this in mind, students can rest assured that they will be given only the best of what the City University of Hong Kong has to offer. Students are expected to perform in adherence to the school’s standards and to exceed them.

Courses of study at CityU School of Law

The City University of Hong Kong is fervent in its pursuit to become the leading provider for law education in Asia. In line with this objective, the university actively develops its law programmes and continuously works towards its expansion. Today, it is the university with the most number of law programme offerings in the country. These offerings consist of both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Choosing to study and earn a master degree in law at the City University of Hong Kong affords you with an education that will elevate your law career.

The following are the types of programmes one can select from in order tostudy and earn a master degree: Taught Programmes (LLB, JD, LLMArbDR, LLM, LLM leading to Renmin University of China award, and PCLL), professional Doctorate Programme (JSD) and research Programmes (MPhil, and PhD)

Specify your career path by taking up minors

The City University of Hong Kong offers a total of eight courses for aspiring lawyers to choose from to earn their master degree but does not limit the learning opportunities to just that. CityU encourages its students to pursue further education in more specialized disciplines of study.

The academic departments of the university work in a collaborative effort to accommodate and educate students that are interested in taking up minor subjects in their respective departments. Those at CityU to study for a master degree are invited to take studies up in the engineering and business departments of the university.


CityU School of Law offers one of the most diverse ranges of law programmes in Hong Kong at degree and postgraduate levels. They are as follows:

Taught Programmes

Professional Doctorate Programme

Research Programmes

The programmes are designed not only to emphasize the common law foundation of the Hong Kong legal system but also to take into account the increasing importance of the legal concepts and methods in the Mainland.

The School also provides service course teaching to other academic departments in the University, and cooperates with them in offering law minor and related programmes, including the Bachelor of Engineering in Building Engineering with Law Minor, Bachelor of Science in Surveying with Law Minor and Bachelor of Engineering in Information Engineering with Law Minor and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy and Law.