International Collaboration

In this age of globalisation, CityU School of Law endeavours to develop close links with universities and institutions on the Mainland, in Europe, North America and across the Asia-Pacific region, in the form of staff and student exchanges, joint research, co-sponsorship of conferences and symposia, etc. 

Arrangement with the National Judges College of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC

LLM Programme for Chinese Judges

CityU School of Law has concluded an arrangement with the National Judges College of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC for the further education of judges from Mainland China.

International Collaborations The arrangement relates to the admission of Chinese judges to the LLM programme offered by CityU School of Law every year.  The National Judges College will nominate a group of Chinese judges for selection by CityU School of Law. The Law School will then select a number of judges among the group for admission to its LLM programme. 


Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) Programme for Chinese Senior Judges

International Collaborations Since 2011, the Law School has offered a JSD programme in collaboration with the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC and the National Judges College. The programme enables Chinese senior judges to gain a deeper understanding of the law, its practice and current legal thoughts, which will assist them in carrying out their tasks as judges. It also provides an opportunity for Hong Kong’s legal community to engage in substantive exchanges with the Chinese judiciary.

Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges

CityU School of Law entered into an agreement entitled “Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges” with the National Judges College of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC in February 2008. The purpose of organising the Advanced Programme for Senior Chinese Judges is to help Chinese senior judges gain a good understanding of the Hong Kong judicial system, and the operation of Hong Kong courts and other judiciary organizations via attending lectures by legal experts and carrying out field study. Under the agreement, the National Judges College will nominate around 30 senior Chinese senior judges at the ranks of Presidents, Deputy Presidents of Higher People’s Courts, Intermediate People’s Courts and other senior judges to participate in the two-week programme. Starting from September 2013, the programme was co-ordinated and managed by the CityU Centre for Judicial Education and Research.

International Collaborations

During the two weeks in Hong Kong, the judges will visit the Legal Aid Department, Department of Justice, Legislative Council, ICAC, Audit Commission, Correctional Services Department, Customs and Excise Department, The Ombudsman’s Office, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in the HKSAR, District Court, Magistrate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, the Law Society of Hong Kong and other institutions; observe trials in Magistrate Court and District Court; exchange views with Hong Kong judges and officials of various legal enforcement departments; and attend lectures at CityU School of Law on Common Law System and important international legal concepts.

Global Legal Education and Awareness Project (G-LEAP) (University College, Oxford, UK*)

International Collaborations The Law School launched the G-LEAP in October 2007, the objective of which is to promote excellence in legal education with a view to providing opportunities for our law students to have a global perspective in the study of law. Under G-LEAP, the Law School signed an agreement with University College, Oxford. The agreement provides CityU law students with the opportunity to study a law course for one month at University College, Oxford in the UK*.

* to be confirmed