CityU School of Law is a leading centre for research and teaching in law. The educational mission of the Law School is to provide a well-rounded, intellectually rigorous and socially conscious education that nurtures doers and thinkers to contribute meaningfully to society. The Law School’s scholarly and research mission is to engage in innovation through theoretical, doctrinal and interdisciplinary legal studies so as to provide solutions to the complex societal issues that confront communities. Such a mission is not pursued in isolation but in collaboration with governments, public and professional bodies, and the international community.

Teaching and Learning

CityU School of Law graduates will:

  • Be creative and innovative problem solvers;
  • Think critically, analytically and reflectively;
  • Appreciate the historical, economic, social, philosophical and cultural factors and values that shape and are reflected by legal systems;
  • Understand the social contexts and limits of the law;
  • Be lifelong learners; and
  • Be leaders who use their legal knowledge for the benefit of their communities.


CityU School of Law aims to:

  • Foster and maintain a broad research culture that embraces different approaches to law from the empirical to the theoretical; from doctrinal research to interdisciplinary inquiry; and from domestic to comparative and international law;
  • Explore the interaction between law and society drawing on perspectives from other fields of inquiry;
  • Advance understanding of the common law and comparative legal studies particularly within Asia with a focus on Chinese law; and
  • Provide solutions to the pressing and complex issues that confront societies.