Research Impact

Informing International Policy and Public Opinion on the Death Penalty

Based on the Research of Dr Daniel Pascoe

Dr Pascoe’s research has helped to inform international policy and public opinion on the death penalty in several jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region.....

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Shaping National and International Regulatory Frameworks to Address Corporate Human Rights Abuses

Based on Dr Surya Deva’s work

Research conducted by Dr Surya Deva about the human rights responsibilities and obligations of corporations has had a significant impact on  ......

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Promoting Sales Law Harmonisation and Integration between Hong Kong and Mainland with Properly Devised Policies and Strategies for Bilateral Arrangements

Based on the Research of Professor Liu Qiao and Professor Wang Jiangyu

Research conducted by Professor Liu Qiao and Professor Wang Jiangyu has been extensively relied upon by the Department of Justice of the HKSAR  ......

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