Industry Ready Programme

Industry ready programme

I.  Introduction

The SEE Industry Ready Programme is a flagship programme of SEE to enhance students’ employability.

With the tremendous support from strategic partners the “SEE Industry Ready Programme” is the fruit of the concerted efforts of SEE and the industry to nurture future leaders in the field of energy, environment and sustainability.

List of Strategic Partners:

(Last updated: 17 March 2022)

The programme was officially launched with the Virtual MOU Signing Ceremony on 14 January 2021. Officiating guests included Mr. Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government, President Way Kuo of CityU, Prof. Richard Yuen Kwok-kit, Chief-of-Staff, Prof. Chak K. Chan, Dean of SEE, and Ir Dr. Vincent Cheng Sai-yau, Chairman of SEE Advisory Committee. Joining them in the online ceremony were over 50 senior executives of the industry partners.

II. Programme Overview

Programme Tracks

Track 1: Energy
Track 2: Environment & Sustainability

Programme Components

Pre-internship Training Sessions
Summer Internship

Programme Period

Pre-internship Training Sessions:      Late May – late June
Summer Internship:                                   July – August

Target Students Year-2 and Year-3 SEE Undergraduate Students


III.  Pre-internship Training Sessions

  • Professional bodies and well-renowned companies/organisations will be invited to deliver training sessions for students who are enrolled in the “SEE Industry Ready Programme”.
  • All training sessions will be grouped under “Energy” or “Environment/Sustainability” track.
  • It is mandatory for:
  • If a ESE student would like to attend any training sessions of “Environment/Sustainability” track, s/he must attend ALL training sessions of “Environment/Sustainability” track in addition to those under “Energy” track. Similarly, if a EVE student would like to attend training sessions of “Energy” track, s/he must attend ALL training sessions of “Energy” track in addition to those under “Environment/Sustainability” track.

The following training sessions have been arranged to provide students with new knowledge about the industry.

IV.  Summer Internship

  • Internship quota is limited, students will have to compete for an internship. Internship is not guaranteed.
  • SEE will review all applications and make nominations to internship partners. The internship partners will make the final decision on internship appointment.
  • Throughout the 8-week summer internship, students are expected to grasp the practical work experience and understand how the market works.
  • The following companies/organisations offered summer internships for SEE students in academic year 2020/21:
    • Alaya Consulting Limited
    • Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited
    • Arup
    • Baguio Green Group Ltd.
    • BEAM Society Limited
    • BillionGroup Technologies Ltd.
    • BUDA Surveying Limited
    • Carnot Innovations
    • Cathay Pacific
    • China Dynamics New Energy Technology Company Limited
    • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
    • CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
    • Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Ltd.
    • EcoSage Limited
    • Green Energy Engineering Consultancy Ltd.
    • Harbour City Estates Limited
    • Hong Kong Green Building Council
    • Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd.
    • Kellon Energy Performance Contracting Limited
    • Keysen Property Management Services Limited
    • New Charm Management Limited
    • PCCW Limited
    • REC Engineering Company Limited
    • Schneider Electric
    • Telemax Environmental and Energy Management Limited
    • The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
    • The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.
    • Urban Property Management Limited
    • Vineberg Property Management Limited
    • World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong (WWF-HK)
    • WSP


V.  Application and Selection

Tentative schedule is as follows:
Late March:  SEE students to apply for “SEE Industry Ready Programme” and summer internships under the programme
April:  SEE to conduct selection interview will all student applicants.
Mid - late April:  Announcement of application results
May - June:  Selection by internship partners & internship appointment
(Remarks: Please pay attention to emails sent from SEE)

VI.  Useful Information for Internship Partners and Student Interns

For Internship Partners Please refer to the “SEE Industry Ready Programme Summer Internship (Summer 2022) Information Sheet” for information regarding internship period, renumeration, insurance, employer-employee relationship, MPF, minimum wage, joint supervision, assessment, recruitment and appointment procedures.  
For Student Interns All student interns are required to study the “SEE Internship Handbook (PDF | DOC)” before commencement of the summer internship, and complete all required assessment by the end of the summer internship.


VII.  Student Interns’ Stories

Click HERE to know more about the internship partners’ and students’ sharing on SEE Industry Ready Programme 2020/21
(17 September 2021, Ming Pao JUMP課外工作培訓 + 暑期實習 就業軟硬實力 Level Up 裝備十足 成為「Industry Ready」能源及環境工程專才)

SEE Summer Interns (Summer 2021)
CHOI Man Ho LEE Ting Yan

CHUK Chai Yuen FUNG Sze Tsing Jennies