Career Aspiration & Development: Talks & Training

SEE strives to nurture young engineers who are capable of handling the ever-changing world and contribute to the society at large. Their career development is of SEE’s priority. The “Career Aspiration and Development Programme” has been launched to provide multiple career preparation for our students. Activities under this programme are as follows.

Dialogue with Professionals

Providing unique networking platform between professionals in energy and environmental fields and our students. Through the casual talks, students could understand more about the businesses in Hong Kong and the way to establish their careers.



Providing opportunity to SEE students to learn from established leaders in local and regional industries. A more macro perspectives are shared by the speakers.

Career Training Workshop

Lecture, mock job interviews, CV and cover letter writing, one-on-one consultation and group sharing sessions are conducted to let students know the must-have as a strong candidate.

Workplace Training Session

Training sessions on business communication, presentation and manners are launched to let senior year students understand how the real work place is like.

Schedule of events can be found under “Seminars & Events” on SEE website.