Dr. MING Wai Kit

Assistant Professor
MD, PhD(JNU), MPH(HK), MMSc(Harvard), PostDoc(Oxon), PostDoc(Harvard) DipMed(CUHK), PDipCAH(HK), CertClinDerm(Lond), FRSPH(UK)
Office Address
Room 1A-503, 5/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building, 31 To Yuen Street, City University of Hong Kong
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Dr Ming is an assistant professor in public health and epidemiology and the co-program leader of the MSc Public Health and Epidemiology postgraduate program at the City University of Hong Kong. He is an experienced clinical doctor and medical educator. He has over 10 years of experience teaching and mentoring students in medical school. To date, he has supervised over 100 undergraduate and graduate research students. He undertook his postdoctoral training at Oxford and Harvard. He completed his fellowship at the Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health, University of Oxford, and the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit in the United Kingdom in 2016 and completed his fellowship at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and obtained a master's degree from Harvard University in the United States in 2018. 

As a clinician-epidemiologist, Dr Ming's research over the last 10 years has covered topics ranging from health policy-oriented clinical research to infectious disease control and surveillance. His research team has extensive interdisciplinary collaboration experience, including clinical research, health and pharmaceutical economics, real-world research, health policy, and artificial intelligence medicine. He has had a long history of cooperation with the United States, the United Kingdom, and local universities on national-based clinical research projects. Dr Ming's work revolves around COVID-19 research that has significant population health impacts locally and internationally. His team is the leading team in health policy research in Asia.

Dr Ming also has extensive membership in academic societies, advisory committees, and expert panels: He is a member of Committee of Experts on Rare Diseases, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association (since 2021); a senior member of the Community Medicine Committee, Guangdong Preventive Medicine Association (since 2020); a member of the Evidence-based Medicine Committee, Guangdong Medical Association (since 2020); a youth member of the Chinese Academy of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (since 2019); a member of the Cancer Prevention Committee, Guangdong Preventive Medicine Association (since 2019); a member of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau Bay Area Urogenital Alliance (since 2019); an external member of The Association of Licentiates of Medical Council of Hong Kong (since 2019); a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, United Kingdom (since 2016); a member of the Oxford University Hospital Trust, United Kingdom (since 2016); a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), United States (since 2016); and a member of the American Statistical Association (ASA), United States (since 2016).

Dr Ming is always looking for motivated undergraduate summer research students/postgraduate internship students/PhD students/postdoctoral fellows/research assistants, especially quantitative and creative individuals who are not afraid to do something totally new.

Potential postdoctoral fellows/PhD candidates will be selected from highly qualified, early-career researchers so that they are positioned to become leaders in their respective academic fields. Fellows will have experience in independently managing a discrete area of a research project and contributing ideas for the next stage. Excellent communication skills are essential, along with experience contributing to publications and presentations. The training is focused on enhancing your ability at every stage of the research process. Using in-person seminars and dynamic workshops, lectures, and reading groups, the fellows pursue new knowledge within and across disciplines and foster intellectual exchange among the university's undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.

Opportunities to work with big data, electronic health records, real-world data, and methodological research in this area will be available. Self-funded visiting students and visiting scholars are welcome. Potential candidates holding an MBBS, MD, PhD, DMD, DDS, PharmD, DNP, MPH, MSc, MA, MEng or an equivalent degree are eligible to apply. Graduates from the fields of medicine/nursing/economics/policy/statistics/computer science/related subjects are welcome. Clinicians, residents, and lecturers who demonstrated strong career interest in clinical/public health policy research are also eligible to apply.

Our team is committed to fostering an environment of equality, diversity, and inclusion. The working hours are flexible to complement care responsibilities.


Research Area

Clinical research, infectious epidemiology and control, disease modelling, medical statistics, health economics, health policy, artificial intelligence in medicine
Possible research fields:

  • Answering high-impact questions to inform clinical decision-making
  • Developing and implementing cutting-edge methods for infectious epidemiology and control
  • Developing cutting-edge tools that improve health economics research
  • Developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications in medical diagnoses and treatments

If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, contact Dr Ming at

Dr Ming's research over the last 10 years has covered topics ranging from health policy-oriented clinical research to infectious disease control and surveillance. Dr Ming has over 100 peer-reviewed publications yielding an h-index of 13 (ISI WOS) and of 17 (Google Scholar) by November 2021. Two of them are classified as highly cited papers (ranked in the top 1% of Clinical Medicine, Essential Science Indicators) in 2021. Dr Ming's publications and associated citation metrics are available through Google Scholar.

Selected from a total of over 100 publications by November 2021:

Infectious epidemiology and control (COVID-series)

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Health economics and health policy

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AI technology

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A full list of publications is available at CityU Scholar.