Applied Food Safety and Quality Research

Project leader: Prof. Dirk U. Pfeiffer
Project members: Dr Ioannis Magouras


The project is an interdisciplinary project which involves animal science, food production, microbiology and technology, epidemiology, economics and social sciences.

The standard of food quality and safety is influenced by the structure of the associated value chain and the behaviours of different actors that are associated with it. Lei Garden restaurants have established a very high standard in terms of the nutritiousness, taste, and safety of their food. This project will describe the value chain for meat that is used in Lei Garden Restaurants. It will map its structure, identify suppliers, producers, processors and buyers, and examine the influence of each on meat quality and safety attributes. It will then be considered whether risk assessments should be conducted, which in turn shall inform the refinement of existing risk management processes utilised by Lei Garden, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) systems.

Funded by Faithful Servant Charitable Foundation Limited