Media Coverage

Broadcast (Radio or TV)

Name of publication or programme Headline Date
RTHK Radio 3's Programme Backchat 7.9.2021
Domestic BBC 1 6pm News 3.2.2020
BBC World TV Day time news 4.2.2020
Deutschlandfunk (Germany) Informationen am Morgen - Hongkong: Ein Epidemiologe zu Lehren aus der Corona-Viren-Epidemie 14.2.2020
tbs eFM 101.3 MHz, South Korea

This Morning with Alex Jensen

ABC News (Australia) Rear Vision - China, wet markets and the wild animal trade 8.3.2020
SWR (Germany) Coronavirus: Tiermärkte sind Brutstätten für Viren (Radio) 31.3.2020
Das Erste (Germany) Krisenmanagement: Was lehrt uns die Coronakrise? (Video) 4.4.2020
Bayern 2 (Germany) Notizbuch - Freitagsforum 3.4.2020
The Telegraph (UK) Watch: How the COVID-19 pandemic began 16.4.2020


Online news publications

Name of publication or programme Headline Date
South China Morning Post Hong Kong  weighs cutting 4-month import quarantine for pet cats, dogs, with tough rule 'sparking smuggling trend' 25.6.2023
Science African Swine Fever settles into Asia - Eradicating the deadly pig virus seems unlikely, so countries are learning to live with it 25.4.2023
DirectIndustry – E-Magazine The Rise of Mega Pig Farms in China 27.3.2023
The Guardian (UK) China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to slaughter 1 million pigs a year 25.11.2022
The Guardian (UK) Scientists rush to create vaccine for world’s biggest animal disease outbreak 20.10.2022
THE (Times Higher Education) CityU’s One Health centre works to curb the rise of new diseases 8.3.2022
The Scientist Can a Vaccine Save the World’s Pigs from African Swine Fever? 13.1.2020
ILRI News African swine fever ten years on: the lessons learned and the way forward 14.1.2020
Nature How quickly does the Wuhan virus spread? 21.1.2020
The Guardian 'Live animals are the largest source of infection': dangers of the export trade 21.1.2020
The Guardian Appetite for 'warm meat' drives risk of disease in Hong Kong and China 23.1.2020
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Wild animal link to coronavirus outbreak should revolutionise public health strategies 30.1.2020
Asia Times Malaysia, Singapore brace for China viral contagion 3.2.2020
Caixin Global (China) In Depth: Tracing the Coronavirus’s Origins 5.2.2020
Channel News Asia 938 Commentary: China’s coronavirus lockdown on cities was necessary. But there are more important lessons 7.2.2020
Reuters (this was used by over 50 other news websites, blogs etc) Scientists question work suggesting pangolin coronavirus link

  Note that a search on Google for ("dirk pfeiffer" AND pangolin) resulted in 361 results

New York Times China Scientists Identify Pangolin as Possible Coronavirus Host 7.2.2020
Der Spiegel (Germany) Pangolin könnte Erreger auf Mensch übertragen haben 7.2.2020
Independent (UK) Coronavirus: Illegal trafficking of pangolins could have helped spread deadly virus, scientists say 7.2.2020
USA TODAY Pangolins may have spread coronavirus to humans: What to know 7.2.2020
CGTN (China) China to overhaul wildlife law to prevent viral outbreaks 11.2.2020
The Telegraph (UK) Coronavirus may be spreading undetected outside China 14.2.2020
The Telegraph (UK) Coronavirus: hopes of rescue flight home for Britons stuck on cruise 14.2.2020
South China Morning Post (Hongkong) China’s coronavirus controls are starting to pay dividends, but elsewhere in the world infections are rising fast 22.2.2020
National Public Radio (USA) Where Coronavirus is now causing concern: Iran, Italy, South Korea 24.2.2020
National Public Radio (USA) Hong Kong Has Contained Coronavirus So Far — But At A Significant Cost 1.3.2020
Hong Kong Economic Journal 野味經濟禁不住 誰在推波助瀾? 2.3.2020
China Daily Hong Kong The clever game of the coronavirus 6.3.2020
South China Morning Post (Hongkong) A coronavirus lesson from China: don’t make patients pay for tests and treatment 11.3.2020 (Germany) Wie Hongkong es trotz Coronavirus geschafft hat, das Leben aufrechtzuerhalten 13.3.2020 COVID-19 - Absolut essenziell, dass wir daraus lernen 16.3.2020
Nature Coronavirus can infect cats — dogs, not so much 1.4.2020
South China Morning Post (Hongkong) Coronavirus: One virus caused Covid-19. Scientists say thousands more are in waiting 6.4.2020
Asia Times (Singapore) Cracks show in Singapore’s model Covid-19 response 7.4.2020
The Guardian (UK) ‘Mixed with prejudice’: calls for ban on ‘wet’ markets misguided, experts argue 15.4.2020
inkstone (Hongkong) Are wet markets to blame for the coronavirus? (video) 16.4.2020
South China Morning Post (Hongkong) Medical experts have a plan to prevent next epidemic –it’s called ‘One Health’ 23.4.2020
South China Morning Post (Hongkong) Coronavirus cases at Dutch mink farms highlight need to monitor animal spread 28.4.2020
inkstone (Hongkong) Bats, a wet market, and many theories: what we know about the origin of the coronavirus (video) 1.5.2020
ITV News (UK) How can the globe avoid a future pandemic? 7.5.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) Wuhan orders fresh coronavirus tests for all residents as new cluster fans fears of second wave 12.5.2020
Undark (USA) To prevent pandemics, bridging the human and animal health divide 18.5.2020
The Guardian (UK) 'Unstoppable': African swine fever deaths to eclipse record 2019 toll 27.5.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) Industrial farming of livestock a ticking pathogen bomb, scientists say 2.6.2020
Le Point (France) En Chine, chat échaudé craint l’eau froide 16.6.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) Coronavirus: Beijing market outbreak investigation zeroes in on seafood stalls 19.6.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) Coronavirus: WHO to send second team into China to seek source of Covid-19 30.6.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) WHO team heading to China as politics weigh on search for Covid-19 origin 8.7.2020
SCMP (Hong Kong) Scientists hope WHO China visit will throw light on early Covid-19 probes 12.7.2020
SciDevNet Secure meat-hungry food systems to prevent next pandemic 13.7.2020