State-of-the-Art Health Management for Improved Poultry Production, Product Safety and Quality in Hong Kong

Project leader: Prof. Dirk U. Pfeiffer
Project members: Dr. Denis YAU, Dr. Ling Shan TSANG

Poultry Farm 

The overall aim of this project is to advocate the continuous improvement of the poultry industry in terms of poultry health, product safety and quality in Hong Kong. Through on-farm investigations supported by sampling and laboratory diagnostics, the project team establishes state-of-the-art health management interventions that are tailor made for each individual farm.

farm 2

To promote the prudent use of antimicrobials as one of the key objectives, electronic production record systems are introduced to poultry farms in order to enhance the efficiency of current biosecurity measures. In face of prospective structural transformations within the local poultry industry, the project will assist in building a “Hong Kong Quality Poultry” branding marketing scheme as part of the long-term development plan.

In addition to the health analysis visits scheduled on a regular basis, free clinical service is also provided concurrently throughout the project.

farm 3


Funded by Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department