One Health Seminars

Mapping the Good Farmer: Using Narrated Mapping Methodology to Explore Pig Farming and Biosecurity Practices in the New Territories of Hong Kong
31 January 2023

[CANCELLED] One Health Seminar Series: Diagnostics in Livestock with Focus on Pigs
14 February 2020

[CANCELLED] One Health Seminar Series: The Veterinary Profession in the Future & Specialization after Graduation
13 February 2020

Intensive poultry production and the ecology and evolution of influenza viruses in Taiwan
2 April 2019

Assuring food safety in a globalised world - are we ready?
25 March 2019

Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health - Past, Present and Future
5 December 2018

Rabies in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future
26 January 2018