Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Address:  TYB1-A405
Phone: +852 3442 4952
Email: ayconan@cityu.edu.hk


Dr. Anne Conan joined OHRP as Research Assistant Professor in July 2020. Dr. Conan is a veterinary epidemiologist specialized in infectious diseases in low-income area. Her main research topics are the consequences of intensification of chicken farming in Asia (One Health Poultry Hub), the epidemiology of African swine fever in South East Asia, the epidemiology of Coxiella burnetii in humans and livestock, and the control of rabies in humans and dogs. She is a research fellow at the One Health Research Foundation.

Dr. Conan completed her DVM and MSc in epidemiological surveillance in 2008. She worked at the Public Health and Epidemiology Department in Pasteur Institute in Cambodia during 5 years. Her projects focused on H5N1 avian influenza and Newcastle disease in backyard poultry flocks and on chikungunya and dengue in humans.

After completing her PhD in Epidemiology in 2013, Dr. Conan started a post-doctorate fellowship at the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), coordinating field activities and health and demographic surveillance systems in cattle and dogs in underserved communities at the border of the Kruger National Park. She then joined Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (St. Kitts and Nevis) in 2015 as a post-doctorate fellow before becoming an Assistant Professor in Epidemiology in 2017.

Relevant publications (full list available here):

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