CityU management and media representatives enjoy viewing the “ANiMAL: Art Science Nature Society” exhibition

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Media tour to ANiMAL exhibition

Professor Way Kuo, President of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), was joined today by representatives from the media at the “ANiMAL: Art Science Nature Society” exhibition at CityU.

Professor Kuo said the exhibition embodied the strengths of the University. First, it deployed various kinds of new technology, thus demonstrating how CityU stands at the forefront of innovative technology and information technology.

Second, with animals as the theme of the exhibition, CityU has successfully established the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences with extensive support from society.

Also, the exhibition has a strong artistic element with some of the works having been developed by teachers and students from the University’s School of Creative Media (SCM) who used technology to present the beauty of animals.

“Technology, IT, art and veterinary science are four areas that CityU excels in, and the exhibition puts together all these elements,” Professor Kuo said.

This unique exhibition brings to the public a fascinating blend of old and new, classical and modern, and traditional art and high-tech creative media. It showcases rich Chinese painting and sculpture collections from the National Palace Museum in Taiwan alongside the latest artistic media techniques developed at SCM.

After the exhibition ends on 20 January at CityU, it will be held later in Taichung, Taiwan.


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