CityU and National Palace Museum in Taipei renew MOU

Terry Lam

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Professor Kuo (left) and Dr Lin sign the Memorandum of Understanding. ​
More exciting cultural exchange activities and exhibitions are forthcoming following the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding between City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and the National Palace Museum (NPM) in Taipei. 

Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, and Dr Lin Jeng-yi, Director of NPM, signed the memorandum on 18 September during a ceremony at the Southern Branch of NPM in Chiayi, Taiwan.
“NPM has a huge collection of fascinating cultural relics and artworks. Making use of its strengths in new media art, CityU has provided new ways to appreciate the cultural treasures using innovative and interactive creative media presentations,” Professor Kuo said. “The collaboration between CityU and NPM exemplifies the integration of technology with art.”

“The renewal of the Memorandum enhances the opportunities for exchange between both institutes and for the in-depth exploration of interactive digital media knowledge and technology. We plan to hold more ground-breaking new media art exhibitions to further promote NPM and CityU to the world,” Dr Lin said.

Working closely in recent years, CityU and NPM organised the well-received “Rebuilding the Tong-an Ships New Media Art Exhibition” and “Giuseppe Castiglione – Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition” in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Italy. 

The “Wang Delu and the Tongan Ship” special exhibition is the latest collaboration between the two institutes. It opened at the Southern Branch of NPM on 18 September. 

Guests officiating at the opening included Director Lin; Ms Chang Hwa-kuan, a magistrate for Chiayi County; Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, CityU’s Chief-of-Staff; Mr Richard Wesley, Director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum; Mr Wang Cheng-ming, a descendant of Wang Delu; and Dr Lin Chih-hung, Superintendent of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Chiayi. 

This is first time that the Southern Branch of NPM has combined the museum collection with new media art in an exhibition, illustrating the story of Wang Delu’s military feats. The exhibition also features new media art installations including the “Linear Navigator of Chinese Maritime History” and “Pacifying the South China Sea” developed by CityU and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, which visually represent Tongan ships in encounters between the Qing navy and pirate forces. 

Wang Delu served as the Provincial Commander of Zhejiang and Provincial Naval Commander of Fujian. He held the highest imperial office in the Qing dynasty by a Taiwanese, and his achievements were closely related to Tongan ships. 
The “Wang Delu and the Tongan Ship” special exhibition opens at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.


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