Past Events

Date Title Speaker
2021-04-26 Challenges, benefits, and tips for early career researchers in endorsing open-science and supporting a science "credibility revolution" Gilad Feldman (University of Hong Kong)
2021-04-12 Credit Claiming and Mayoral Delegation Preferences Amid a Migrant Crisis* Claudia Avellaneda (Indiana University)
2021-03-29 COVID-19 in Public Management and Policy Research: Challenges and Prospects* Jae Moon (Yonsei University)
2021-03-08 Interdisciplinary research on energy and environment management issues Wen Wen (CityU and China University of Petroleum)
2020-11-30 Citizen-State Interactions and Digital Governance Liang Ma
2020-11-16 Survey experiments on the fight against Covid-19 Nick Or, Nick Petrovsky, Richard Walker
2019-08-06 Citizen Engagement and Democracy in America Araral Eduardo
2019-07-29 -> 2019-08-02 Academic Writing Conference in Public Administration /
2019-04-04 Are Public Sector Managers a "Bureaucratic Burden"? - The Case of English Public Hospitals Ian Kirkpatrick
2018-11-01 Matching Policy Tools and Their Targets: Beyond Nudges and Utility Maximization in Policy Design Michael Howlett