Past Events

Date Title Speaker
2023-05-23 Literature Reviews for Purposes of Theory Building* John Bryson (University of Minnesota)
2023-04-24 Public Value at Cross Points: A Comparative Study on Employer Attractiveness of Public, Private, and Nonprofit Organizations* Adrian Ritz (University of Bern)
2022-05-23 Trust and Regulation* David Levi-Faur (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
2022-05-17 Public Accountability in Street-Level Bureaucracies: The Accountability Regimes Framework* Eva Thomann (University of Konstanz)
2022-05-04 Does Experience Matter in Coproduction? Evidence from a Field Experiment* Huafang Li (Grand Valley State University)
2022-03-28 New Developments in Nudging and Behavior Change*
Slides from the seminar
Lars Tummers (Utrecht University)
2022-03-14 The Impact of a Government Shutdown on Personnel and Policy* Bill Resh (University of Southern California)
2022-01-26 Sector Choice Revisited: The Role of Information Conditions* Ivan P. Lee (Arizona State University)
2021-06-28 Policy Framework for Innovative Development and Practices in China* Rongping Mu (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
2021-06-07 What Do Citizens Know, Want and Expect from Public Service Delivery Agencies? A Study into the Role of Neural Correlates and Personality Characteristics* Sandra van Thiel (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
2021-05-31 Communicating Performance Information to Citizens: The Effect of Cognitive Biases
Slides: (1) Intro (Walker); (2) George; (3) Ho; (4) Zhang
Bert George (Ghent University), Alfred Ho, Richard Walker, Jiasheng Zhang (CityU)
2021-05-24 Behavioral Public Strategy* Bert George (Ghent University)
2021-05-10 Assessing the Effects of User Accountability in Contracting Out* Marc Esteve (University College London and ESADE)
2021-04-26 Challenges, Benefits, and Tips for Early Career Researchers in Endorsing Open-Science and Supporting a Science "Credibility Revolution" Gilad Feldman (University of Hong Kong)
2021-04-12 Credit Claiming and Mayoral Delegation Preferences Amid a Migrant Crisis* Claudia Avellaneda (Indiana University)
2021-03-29 COVID-19 in Public Management and Policy Research: Challenges and Prospects* Jae Moon (Yonsei University)
2021-03-08 Interdisciplinary Research on Energy and Environment Management Issues Wen Wen (CityU and China University of Petroleum)
2020-11-30 Citizen-State Interactions and Digital Governance Liang Ma (Renmin University)
2020-11-16 Survey Experiments on the Fight Against Covid-19 Nick Or, Nick Petrovsky, Richard Walker (CityU)
2020-06-19 How Tolerating Decision Errors Can Improve Early Response During Covid-19 Xiaohu Wang (CityU)
2019-08-06 Citizen Engagement and Democracy in America Eduardo Araral (National University of Singapore)
2019-07-29 -> 2019-08-02 Academic Writing Conference in Public Administration /
2019-04-04 Are Public Sector Managers a "Bureaucratic Burden"? - The Case of English Public Hospitals Ian Kirkpatrick (University of Warwick)
2018-11-01 Matching Policy Tools and Their Targets: Beyond Nudges and Utility Maximization in Policy Design Michael Howlett (Simon Fraser University)
* Behavioural and Policy Sciences Seminar Series (with support from Mr Chan Hon Pun)