What We Do

Since 2013, the primary aim of the Laboratory for Public Management & Policy has been to use rigorous research to enhance the performance of public services. We are a group of faculty studying policy and organizational design, management practices, and interactions between citizens, interest groups, and public organizations. We particularly focus on experimental designs, systematic research synthesis, and careful analysis of observational data.

Three sets of examples illustrate this agenda:

Over the course of several years, LaMP has developed a strong capacity in experimental research. Our speciality lies in replication, broadly understood: generalizing and extending experimental projects on questions central to public management. Examples include:

LaMP is also known for a focus on quantitatively integrating key literatures in public management and policy, to take stock of the distribution of evidence and use these insights to inform advances to the research agenda. Examples include:

Finally, LaMP members are active in carefully designed observational studies, covering range of topics: budgeting, energy, environment, human resource management, organizational design, organizational performance, sustainable development, social and public services innovation, and strategic management. Examples include: