June 2011

by Ellen Chan

Institutional collaboration advances IT system for 4-year curriculum
Administrators of three local tertiary educational institutions shared their technical experience at a forum to discuss crucial technology enhancements to support the new 4-year curriculum.

April 2011

by Andy Chun

dual monitors
In early 2010, the University unveiled the Excellence in Research and Professional Education as CityU’s Strategic Plan for 2010 to 2015. The plan positions CityU as a leading global university in the Asia-Pacific region, renowned for its excellence in research and professional education and ...

January 2011

by Scarlett Leung

Dr Andy Chun Hon-wai, CityU’s Chief Information Officer, has been commended for his utilisation of information technology to advance CityU’s development at the 9th China Top CIO Award 2010.

by Andy Chun

With curriculum changes to support the 3-3-4 academic reform, the University has a rare opportunity to rethink and redesign how we provide and deliver education to our students to create a rewarding and unique CityU learning experience. The University has instigated a new “Discover & Innovate @ ...