IT Strategic Plan 2010-2015

by Andy Chun

In early 2010, the University unveiled the Excellence in Research and Professional Education as CityU’s Strategic Plan for 2010 to 2015.  The plan positions CityU as a leading global university in the Asia-Pacific region, renowned for its excellence in research and professional education and outstanding scholarship in problem-focused research.  Building on the impressive success the University has achieved in the past, the plan defines a sharp and focused vision for the future of CityU.  The goal is to train a new breed of professionals to anticipate and respond to unique 21st century challenges presented by a fast-changing and knowledge-driven global environment.

Later in 2010, the University also launched a new theme called “Discover & Innovate @ CityU.”  This initiative further strengthens the University’s focus and emphasis on discovery and innovation at all fronts of the University’s operations – from teaching and learning to research as well as administration.  IT of course plays a very important role in this effort.  A technology-rich environment transforms a University into one that is more conducive to discovery and innovation.

To support the University’s new Strategic Plan and the new “Discover & Innovate @ CityU” theme, we reviewed our current IT strategies and directions and formulated new strategies for the coming 5 years in a new IT Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (IT Plan) document. 

The new IT Plan outlines our vision of how information and communication technologies (ICT) can act as a change enabler to help the University transform and achieve its target strategic goals and facilitate discovery and innovation.  The IT Plan fully aligns our future ICT strategies and directions with the University’s new Strategic Plan.

The IT Plan identified 6 key strategic goals to complement the University’s Strategic Plan:

  1. Enable Transformational Change – We believe IT should be leveraged as a tool that will enable transformational change for the University in achieving its new strategies and directions.
  2. Provide Robust and Agile IT Infrastructure – Our IT infrastructure is the backbone for all our ICT services; robustness and agility enables the University to meet new demands and face changing needs.
  3. Be Efficient and Cost Effective – We understand that resources should be used wisely. That is why the IT organization has constantly explored new technologies that not only provide enhanced capabilities and productivity but also cost savings to the University.
  4. Ensure IT Security – Our IT systems contain valuable personal, teaching, and research data.  IT security protection is crucial and will be one of the main focuses in the coming years. 
  5. Create Transparency and Organizational Effectiveness – Transparency in how ICT decisions are made and effectiveness of the IT organization in delivering quality ICT services and operations are important aspects of our strategy.
  6. Promote Policies, Governance and Standards – ICT policies, governance and standards further strengthen transparency and enhance the quality of service we provide.