New Arrangement of Quota-controlled Free Printing Service for Students

by Joe Lee

A. Printing a Single Copy of Course Work is Green


According to the printing usage records in recent years, most students have printed one copy of their work only.

Print Jobs




* 20/1/2009 - 31/12/2009. Semester started on 12/1/2009.

Printing system was upgraded on 20/1/2009 and able to capture the number of copies printed.

Total quantity



One copy only








Normally, students should only print one copy of their work and then make photocopies for special needs. Indeed, printing one copy has the following advantages.



It is green as the waste of paper in printing multiple copies of either wrong documents or documents containing errors can be minimized;

Waiting time of other users in the queue can be shortened; and

Quantity of print quota being lost due to printer failure can be reduced.


As a move to support green IT, starting from 7 March 2011, the quota-controlled free printing system will only allow printing one copy of work per print job. When the printing system detects multiple-copy print jobs, it will delete them automatically without giving any prior warning message and it will not deduct the print quotas of these deleted print jobs.


B. Two New Fuji Xerox Printers Launched

To cope with the heavy print demand, two new fast Fuji Xerox printers have been added to improve the quota-controlled free printing service. These Fuji Xerox printers are installed inside the Printing & Plotting Room of the Computing Services Centre (CSC) and a new print queue named Quota_FastPQ_FujiXerox has been set up to support them.

Users should check and select the desired print queue before printing. By default, all open access computers in the CSC and Library will print to the Canon printers through the Quota_FastPQ print queue. In order to print to the Fuji Xerox printers, users should override the default print device by selecting the “Quota_FastPQ_FujiXerox” print queue.

Print Queue


Quota_FastPQ (Default)

Canon (Default)


Fuji Xerox


Users should remember which print queue their print jobs have been submitted to and then release them on the corresponding Release Stations. The print job releasing method is the same for both printer types.


For further information on printing, please refer to for best printing practice and for FAQs.