Free Internet Access – eduroam and Wi-Fi Hotspots

by S K Tsui

"eduroam" (Education Roaming) is a global wireless network using WPA (IEEE802.1X) security technology to enable staff and students of a member institution to use the wireless network of another eduroam member with the use of the credentials (user name and password) provided by their home institution. CityU staff and students can now enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access when visiting any one of the member institutions of eduroam around the world including most local universities in Hong Kong. So next time when you visit an eduroam member institution, you can simply use your CityU’s LAN Connection password to access the Internet free of charge through its Wi-Fi network. If you would like to learn more about eduroam and obtain the list of member institutions, please visit .

Besides eduroam , the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has also started the Wi-Fi Collaboration Project with two Wi-Fi Service Providers (PCCW and Y5ZONE) to provide boundary-free mobile computing (Ref: Network Computing Issue 52 June 2007). Having gone through the testing stage, the CSC is pleased to announce that all University members (both staff and students) can now enjoy free of charge Internet access at all local Wi-Fi hotspots (over 4,000 locations) in Hong Kong such as cafes and shopping malls operated by these service providers. For the location of hotspots, please visit and .

University users can also access the free wireless Internet service through the GovWiFi facilities at designated government premises. Please refer to the GovWiFi homepage ( ) for more information, and refer to the user guide and the GovWiFi locator in the same page for the set-up and locations respectively.

For details of device configuration and set-up as well as their related FAQs for the new Wi-Fi services offered by the eduroam and the hotspots providers, please visit


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